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Sunday, 14-07-2024, 13:38



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Poser-renders using AI enhance
SummonerDate: Tuesday, 05-03-2024, 22:20 | Message # 1
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
After spending quiet some time adapting my Poser system to the actual possible features getting good end results on
Renders I am on the best way having a stable  bridge to enhance the works and naturally getting good quality sizes

This is a sampler using M4 in a Poser render then running the AI enhancement. Original image is actually about 6K

This is my Deviantart Channel with Renders generated the past few weeks. Most Works are based on V4 and I have to say that some of the results
sure makes using Poser more satisfying ....

artworks are not based on coincidence due the fact that it loads the information from a render and not a text.  Text can be used to add additional
details to the work. At the beginning there was the issue figuring out a good system not just getting a coincidence art that you would say I like it
but not what you actually wanted to have. 

If I find a way in the near future I will share the workflow and the setup so other poser users will also be able to Profite .....
Attachments: 2650720.jpg (173.1 Kb)

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