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How to Download Freebies at Freedom

Enter this Post to find out More on how to get the Free Stuff.

To be able to Download Freebies at Freedom of art you will need a "Download Code".
How will you get this Code?
The Code will be send to People who support Freedom of Art.
by Buying a Store Product you give Support and a Code will be send to you
The Code you receive has a limited time validity of about of about 1-2 Weeks.
the code will grant you access to every Freebie on the Site.

Alternative I will add a Donate button in this Announcement
by donating you will also Receive the 1-2 Weeks Code, that grants
Free access to all freebies.

I had to make these changes to make sure that Freedom keeps the
Balance between freebies and Store, I understand that most
People just drop in to get a free download, but this is not
Motivating and will not have a long term Future. the site also
needs support, trying to avoid that it ends up as a Store only.
Freedom Provides Freebies of Store quality Products and I wish
to keep it this way. this system may bring back more Freebies
and even better ones.
To get the Code make a Donation of 
7$ - 12 $ after receiving the Donation I
will send you the actual Access Code
valid for the Period. or just get an Item
from the Store value " 7$ ++ " and you also get a code
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Total comments: 9
9 Digitell   (29-03-2019 00:47)
Where do you enter the code for freebies. I just bought an item from you and was sent the code for freebies but have no idea how to place the code. Please help!

7 RGUS   (14-09-2018 21:07)
Great, made a purchase, got the passwords, how do I find the freebies? How does it work?

8 Summoner   (14-09-2018 21:17)
Actually you just go into the Post clicking on the title there you will see
a Download button or a DL link. klick on it and you will be asked for the Password
as soon as you give the Password you get the Download.
Normally you just have to place it once every few Hours so you do not have
to use it every time you wish to Download a Freebie.

this is the Freebie section

Free Poser/DS

on the Left side of the site you will see the Cathegories

Free ( Need Code )

Free ( Public )

4 Summoner   (06-01-2018 02:02)
If you have issues getting the Password freebies of have not gotten 
the freebie Password by E-mail Please let me know by E-mail this way
I am able to fix the issues and send you another mail.

Note I am not checking this thread every day and as it seems 
I did not get for some reason notifications of added comments

5 shgoin0816   (08-09-2018 22:58)
Out of curiosity, how long from purchase to getting the code?

6 Summoner   (08-09-2018 23:37)
Normally it goes pretty fast unless I am sleeping at night this could cause a longer wait
it should not take longer the 12 h considering the human nature and that I do all this manually
most are actually lucky and get the Password within an hour or so , it seems that most just catch
me while I'm near the computer smile

1 KageRyu   (31-01-2017 10:17)
I will have to look into picking up some of the other figures I was looking at.  I understand though.  I haven't had much chance to use what I have, my workstation crashed on me shortly after purchase, then the the workstation I was setting up to replace it crashed (bad hard drives).  Once I am back up and running though...
That castle looks very interesting.

2 MeshWorks   (11-03-2017 20:19)
Hey Kage! See you are still having workstation issues. Try using 2 or 3 smaller HD's (500 gig or less), using one for just the OS and programs, and the other(s) for content/backups. Network another computer to handle you RIB renders. This setup works great for me and I love not having to wait for a render to finish. smile

3 KageRyu   (17-03-2017 22:23)
yup. Old workstation (32 bit 2.9ghz single core celeron). It has left this mortal coil now though. I am trying to shake the bugs out of a Core 2 Quad I am converting from render box to workstation now.

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