So in any case I remain a Poser user and will support Daz Studio in the future this brings both a little closer, then without poser these models would not be possible for DS without huge efforts.
the release of the Dragon will be after kissing my pillow, lost some time in the Daz forums. Not sure if they are very happy about this discovery, there has not been a big yahooo! they prefer the crafted WM hand paint way in DS I guess. New things can be really confusing ! crazy
suasi678, yes there is sure allot of work ahead. but for sure these will be done as long as my system is staying stable. I made the Old Lucent-Drago this afternoon for DS testing if it can handle the complexity and it worked out just fine, meaning most of my models should support this new system to be converted into DS. I just will have to balance out the whole between new releases for poser/DS and remakes for DS. There is no way around Poser they can only get into DS via Jail break.
There's a bunch of your creatures that I'll be buying as soon as they're converted. It'll be great fun to play with them.
suasi678, I hope it will, it was really quiet the past month, almost to quiet! at least It gave me some time to make researches also to finish most of my upgrades for a better workflow. Also letting my Hand Nerve heal a little
Saw your post in the Daz forums this morning. I'll bet this site gets more traffic, interest and sales.
Just made my first DS release with the new articulation system. The Genie can now also be used in Daz Studio
Here another screenshot of the Genie Ds Project

DS Genie 02

So now I can Pack it up and hope I have not lost to many members after the little creation block this year
Here we go this is my 3rd recreation for DS with success

DS Genie

I will release it as soon as I have it packed correctly. I am not a pro jet, just a beginner in DS but I sure will get there
It now has been over 5 years figuring out this amazing possibility Having DS supporting Simple Skinning for better bending options in articulated models and finally it is here. If all turns out the way I think then DS will also get the option of more versatile models then just Genesis clones in the near future. Now just hope I can handle all this , sure not easy as a single creator for this new system of creation smile
Ok I am there and now setting up a new system that should bridge this new system of Poser-DS compatibility. The planed system should take me less then an hour rigging a Poser model for Daz Studio with the same amazing bending quality. This system will also make it possible having them in HD witch is actually a only feature for Daz Vendors. It is a all new system feature that should offer a unique bending feature for figures into DS ... I am totally Exited
Update: Today I passed some more time figuring out a Hack to get these models for DS and I think I finally got it without to many efforts keeping the full bending quality like in Poser. DS supports at a 100% single weights and thanks to "Petege" I might be able to offer both Poser and DS versions of the assets in the near future. In DS alone it would be almost impossible getting such complex standalone models done, but now in combination with poser it seems to finally be possible.
Just had contact with a Genius Member that found the solution how to get these Creatures Models into Daz Studio ( After Years of searching ) Good News is that these still need to go through Poser then adapted to DS so I will not make a jump to DS. I am a total beginner in DS There sure will be a learning curve ....
No one makes the things you do. That's why I have made so many purchases here. Hopefully, you just keep on summoning the creations that only Summoner can do!!!
For sure either for Poser of DS there are almost none of such type of fantasy creatures like I make here, there mostly fixed on these Barbie, Poses, and clothing creations. I had quiet some time to go through these stores step by step to study there creation range .
I am going a little through stuff that has been made the past years for Daz to see what they are coming up with. It is a little sad to see that it is having a big lack of creatures and good fantasy stuff. They might come up with one creature every 3000 release. THis gives me a little an Idea what to create in the future and stay a little exclusive with creations
HectorNY, LordSnot,

Thank you, Left hand came out good, I can use it again, in 3 month the right hand will probably also be fixed smile
Get well soon.
Get well he who summons Er.
Oof, ow. As someone with his own persistent muscle and nerve issues (and the associated pain to go along with it), you have my sympathies and wish for a quick surgery and recovery!
I am sorry to hear about the nerve and carpal tunnel issues. I will hope for a speedy recovery for you.
I am just going through a hard time! Just operated the Carpal of my left hand and soon will have to do the Right hand. Got the nerves stuck in the shoulder elbow and hand on both sides. I now hope they can find a good fix for this disaster. At least my left hand is working again, on Friday they will take off the bandages smile The right hand only the little and ring finger are working so I hope the surgery will be soon.
I think Vendors should distance them selves from these Brokers this way they would get what they deserve for all the work they do. It would also grant them more freedom and Independence!
I'm sure it has nothing to do with recent changes to vendor split and the new ranking tier system. Or the non stop 50-75% discounts even on new products...or the forced pricing structure...
To be fair, most the "migrated" vendors are *still* selling on 'Osity, so it's kind of a mixed signal. It'll be a while yet before it goes down.
Have you noticed the number of vendors from Stupid'Osity now selling at Daz? There's been quite a migration going on. It looks like Rendo's days are numbered.
I'm just going to go ahead and say it...We really need a classic Mecha-Godzilla.
horn helmet
DAZ should wake up and concentrate on simple skinning in there software, would not even be difficult as it is already running in DS background after several tests I have made.
with this option they could rig any figure with Blender just like poser can
When DS extended to Weight mapping, actually the basic of simple skinning they kept the triax just as poser did in the beginning causing a backdoor in there software for single weights, but not active. Poser placed the Integration with full support with WM and called it GameDEV , but it was to late for the poser community as already the best creators jumped to DS and remain stuck in the unique Poser triax world of limited rigging
suasi678, Reallusion for example, they use simple skinning just like all others, they do not have to fear any loss and they grow really fast. Poser has the same Integration and is compatible with models from Reallusion just that there no good creators left that would use it. DS is stuck in Triax, the old original poser rigging way that was built in the early 2000 it is because Ds was a simplified clone of Poser at the time
suasi678, My guess would be if somehow DAZ could be convinced to integrate simple skinning into DS then they sure go on a higher level, Poser did it in 2014. It is the Standard Industrial rigging method DS would be fully compatible with 3D high end software. I just think that they want to keep the genesis exeptional for DS fearing that better models could start ruling ....
suasi678, Passed quiet some time with all sorts of tutorials to figure out a good way for my type of rig. I know the whole workflow to of conversion in DS when it is triax but single weights is just possible in a backdoor in DS. THe main issue with complex creatures is that you could not get them to work in a satisfying way using triax.
If you REALLY want to get your amazing figures out to a MUCH wider audience in Studio then you'll have to talk to the folks who do this sort of thing. Davo, over at Renderotica works in Poser then gives his models to 'Freeone' to convert for Studio. I'm sure that he'd be more than willing to show you his workflow. You might also ask in the Daz forums. If they think that you're going to sell there, they'll be lots of help for you.
So to say I am still here and due the fact that I am addicted expanding my Poser runtime further there will be sure allot more stuff to come crazy
Then passed some time with Project-Evolution this one could have some potential, the last one I still want to have a closer look at is Bella-1.2 from Mankahoo .... Still V4 remains unbeaten for Poser there is no doubt V4 Ultimate is still the best choice.
I also gave a shot on La Femme and Pro that is actually a rip off for some little additional morphs ( She is a real disaster ) They gave way to much power to these little LF group at rendo
I have run a whole bunch of tries to offer my models for DS also but no luck even with a great help of members. I'm stuck with this in Poser for sure, whilst Bondware is sure messing up big time with there marketing strategy.
Ok so getting back on it again ... Trying desperately finding solutions to keep Poser going, There are sure hard times for 3D, but I think will get over it ! Many new toys but still not as satisfying like poser can be, ok for DS users DS
his might be handy for making your next creature(s)...https://hackaday.com/2024/03/11/3d-imaging-for-natural-science-for- free/#more-668438
Right now I am fighting with a little eye Infection... boy that itches ! Looking like Dracula with red glowing eyes .... In a way not bad it gives me some moments to relax on the couch with a cold cloth over my face.
KageRyu, Not that bad, still having allot of other things in mind. Worse is the fact that poser is slowing down big time, hope it is just a momentary issue. People play with new toys atm that are quiet impressive, combining them with poser would make sense, a thing that takes time until Artists realize that ....
I am sorry to hear that. It always sucks losing projects to data corruption or pc issues.
RLOwens, Just checked that Harpy sad it got totally blasted. A real pity for sure. So most probably will be a lost project.
RLOwens, uhh almost forgot about that one... good you telling me. Was one of them that got hit after my data crash smile
Any progress updates on that Ork Harpy?
I made further studies on DS, resulting that rigging is still based on capsules like Poser before 2014. Resulted that allot of DS creators still depend on Poser for a good Finish of there DS standalone figure rigging. Meaning as long as DS does not unlock the Single skinning it will be difficult getting this rigging quality into DS.
Finished my workstation as good as i could with new technologies. Some things work quiet well some others still crank. But for further Figure creations I am all good, probably way ahead of most poser creators out there.
Summoner's Celestial-Witch
I am working Hard on some additional Local AI features for poser, slowly getting there. It took me a while making all these setups staying stable and results sure are amazing.

Sampler of Poser AI