MeshWorks, It sure has , Sorry to hear that you have stopped, you sure brought a nice Sortiment of valuable things to the poser communities. Sure hard keeping Poser alive for such a long time. From my side I wish there would be more users left but as it seems there getting less every year that comes.
Yes, hot water is expensive, but worth it!:)
Hi. It's been a long time since we last spoke. 2018 or something like that, but I have stopped in a few times since. Glad you have hot water again. Al@MeshWorks
revengar, lol
Well as hard as RL can be, today I fixed the water Boiler that finally arrived. We were without hot water for almost two weeks, warming it up in pan's to wash our selves. almost gotten used to it LOL. our water is atm 5c so tomorrow I finally can turn it back on. just made a 80% electricity saving the past 2 weeks. Realized that hot water sure is expensive blink
Been a bit. I'm getting Summoner withdrawels!
Namtar, Normally the download should pop up unless it gets blocked. You should of gotten a e-mail meanwhile with the dl Link and freebie Password that I always send manually, In case you have not gotten the mail let me know and I send you another one friends
Hi there, i bought the lab chair but I don't remember how to download it XD
Started again making some models more intense smile Have to get used to it again after this break lol
Howdy Summoner Happy New Year 2023
Happy New Year !!! wizard
friends Happy new year to you toooo! Wishing you all the best and many more to come
Happy New Years !!
.... Dolls so I am checking possibilities making 3D real. Could be useful for expositions of car sellers and for publicity needs. Also checking if they canh be used for real Fan Art and Fantasy stuff rebuilding them. Might be a really good marketing. I used to make fantasy furniture, Hand made Swords in walking sticks, Torture devices for studios.

This is the Plan

KageRyu, Jup doing well smile ... Valley is open again, it got very cold heating the house with wood is hard most rooms reach about a 12c feel sometimes like a icicle LOL . well no fear I'm not gonna stop with poser stuff still is my big passion even if it does not really bring in any profit. ATM I am checking a business with the chinese for Real Dolls, a huge market there as they have to many men and few woman, see if I can integrate it in our place. Also they look allot like the 3D dol
I have seen far too many scary movies that start exactly like that. loony I hope you are ok.
Boy so little time for 3D lately sad
Working on a little businessplan that is making my day's to a 24h stress. Last weekend the mountain came down and took a part of the street along. There is no way out of the valley for at least a week. We are all closed in for a while. Only way out is with helicopters
mickale, Jup you should have gotten all you need to fix that litte Poser doll conflicts friends
Boy now finally calibrated the whole stuff. cant count how many times I removed the fans and reassembled them to get the correct airflow LOL. Now I got a vertical airflow. Fresh air from the front horizontal also cooling the Hds then a vertical flow for cpu pumping the air out on top. Working great, most of the time all fan stand still and only the 2 small cpu fans rotate at 15% keeping a temp of 35-40c on normal usage
Finally! New fan system came in, now got my tower stabilized on under 30c by normal usage and 65c when running the CPU on 90-100% . Never a water-cooling system again, it almost blew off my Tower. Now I can work normally again! Due the 0db Fan system they stand still most of the time with exception of the CPU Fans and still running on 30c
One part of the cooling system I could fix provisory so my pc does not heat up to 100c now the final fans should arrive on Tuesday to be able to fix that heating issue. That Water cooling is now on the trash for sure!
Hopefully this new cooler will be here after this weekend ... cant do anything without getting an alarm when the processor is being used, Even surfing is a pain with 80 C
My Computer somehow is showing huge issues with the cooling AIO Pump should get a new one to build in .... as soon as my processor reaches 20'% I am get a Temp of almost a 100 C This is Driving me nuts. Tried to fix it and blew out all the dust of the computer with no results. Man that Pc is only a year old. sending it in for warenty would take almost one month to get fixed sad

You always get an manually send e-mail with your download links after purchase Including the latest freebie Passwords.

To access Freebies it is best to go into the freebie section you find it on the Left side in the section categories
Free Poser/DS
in All Poser/DS Products

Click the title of a post to enter, scroll down to download, if product needs Password you will be asked to enter it when clicking download. you nesd to enter the password ev
how does one give the passcode to get free items it just refers me to the info about the passcode
how does one access the free items?
where do i find the link to download stuff i bought
Working already a while on a Environment Figure with articulated Parts and additionally over 125 props. Sure a large Project... crazy senile
is a horse of course, of course. Unless it's Mister Ed.
KageRyu, as Summoner can attest I've gone through that too, which is why I broke down and bought a GoogleDrive plus annual membership to keep all my poser files (from Summoner and a lot of yours) I've purchased over the decades backed up since anything on GDrive is saved as 3 copies in 3 different continents. Have all that all the SanctumArt and Sixus poser stuff I've bought backed up on there. I'm not losing stuff ever again.
I feel your pain. I am still trying to recover the HD with my primary runtime and all of my purchased content archives. It's going slow and I am sure I have lost unreplacable content.
Well I now finished all new backups of my runtimes and drives and could mess out a little my mess. The Backup took over 24h and that is just the runtime

lol lol I got just one runtime and a creation runtime ... well it is even worse I just lost the fallow up of that Chuhulu I released and at the same time a free V4 Custom Inject with over 50 characters, trying all day to get my created Pmd file back for these faces huh
I hate when that happens, as bad as having the same character in all 6 runtimes. Cheers mate.
blink boy I just killed a whole work .... Droped per accident a second runtime for a fix a user wanted over my project .. so then clicked on undo ... That removed the whole runtime Pfff .. then thought I just click redo to bring it back , but ohhhh the created model did not come back just the stuff from the dropped fix runtime. The model was almost done and is lost ... what a drama shok
I dropped a download link for the latest Sasha Ultimate update in the Thread the ones who already have the Ultrapack can download and replace the previous with the updated files

V4 Ultimate Thread
Ok found some time to finish up that squid creature next to the mess with V4 Ultimate smile ... will now finish up that update for Ultimate Sasha with the fixed Morph issues.

I guess there are allot
Egg-Diffuse textures in a runtime LOL, just important that the path is correct
kamion, Jup it can happen that I sometimes use the same names on textures, but if you keep the original path of your texture folder that should not matter as the cr2 has the correct path written. this should not give you any load error. but if you change the runtime texture path then it would cause your app to search and give you two options.
I noticed that the DRAGON EGG and the ALIEN EGG each have a texture file that is in a different folder but has the same name: nl Egg Diffuse.
This V4 stuff is throwing me back LOL ... Have to work a little on my next monster release

Ok made allot of fixes in the Sasha-16 version guess I am almost done. I updated the thread with the known issues and fixes I make. As soon as I am done I will place a Update Download link in that thread, for Sasha

V4 Ultimate Thread
about being able to test V4 Ultimate Thread it would be a great joy and opportunity having been the reference for a very long time
Thank you for your answer
Here is the

V4 Ultimate Thread

I will see if I can update it to ease up the downloads for the ones who want her or just send you a PM or Mail
merrygranny, Yes they sure do the models are enhanced that they even work better when loading the doll setups you have. It was actually the purpose when I made these.
Does all the morops I have bought for V4 work with this version ?
ok after this Drive fix and Ultimate update I can slowly get back to my normal creations.
Cool, TYVM, will test it out later in the week as will be travelling tommorow.