lol lol I got just one runtime and a creation runtime ... well it is even worse I just lost the fallow up of that Chuhulu I released and at the same time a free V4 Custom Inject with over 50 characters, trying all day to get my created Pmd file back for these faces huh
I hate when that happens, as bad as having the same character in all 6 runtimes. Cheers mate.
blink boy I just killed a whole work .... Droped per accident a second runtime for a fix a user wanted over my project .. so then clicked on undo ... That removed the whole runtime Pfff .. then thought I just click redo to bring it back , but ohhhh the created model did not come back just the stuff from the dropped fix runtime. The model was almost done and is lost ... what a drama shok
I dropped a download link for the latest Sasha Ultimate update in the Thread the ones who already have the Ultrapack can download and replace the previous with the updated files

V4 Ultimate Thread
Ok found some time to finish up that squid creature next to the mess with V4 Ultimate smile ... will now finish up that update for Ultimate Sasha with the fixed Morph issues.

I guess there are allot
Egg-Diffuse textures in a runtime LOL, just important that the path is correct
kamion, Jup it can happen that I sometimes use the same names on textures, but if you keep the original path of your texture folder that should not matter as the cr2 has the correct path written. this should not give you any load error. but if you change the runtime texture path then it would cause your app to search and give you two options.
I noticed that the DRAGON EGG and the ALIEN EGG each have a texture file that is in a different folder but has the same name: nl Egg Diffuse.
This V4 stuff is throwing me back LOL ... Have to work a little on my next monster release

Ok made allot of fixes in the Sasha-16 version guess I am almost done. I updated the thread with the known issues and fixes I make. As soon as I am done I will place a Update Download link in that thread, for Sasha

V4 Ultimate Thread
about being able to test V4 Ultimate Thread it would be a great joy and opportunity having been the reference for a very long time
Thank you for your answer
Here is the

V4 Ultimate Thread

I will see if I can update it to ease up the downloads for the ones who want her or just send you a PM or Mail
merrygranny, Yes they sure do the models are enhanced that they even work better when loading the doll setups you have. It was actually the purpose when I made these.
Does all the morops I have bought for V4 work with this version ?
ok after this Drive fix and Ultimate update I can slowly get back to my normal creations.
Cool, TYVM, will test it out later in the week as will be travelling tommorow.

You got her in your Mail

I'd like a copy to test too, please.
RLOwens, Well you going to love the ultimate versions smile I am almost done , was not that bad. The version actually keeps the setup just that it is getting a major upgrade with removed conflicts of any morph and a extended load. I worked for years on these versions.
PM PM PM... Lol. I actually use Sasha quite a bit, love all the extras Karina put into her.
When done with the last Ultimate version you can pm me to get a copy and use her for testing this way I can find out issues she might have in the huge morph setup. The best way to figure out it there are morphs to be fixed when people are using that figure. At the time quiet some vendors were using it to build there custom morphs, meanwhile she is almost dead. For sure the best versions ever made of V4
I am upgrading and working on the Victoria Ultimate that I started making about in 2009 until now. It is the most sophisticated V4 version. right now upgrading it to the last so that it also includes the Sasha Ultimate. That will be the 5th part next to the V4 2.6 Lali 2.6 Perfect 2.6 and WM 2.6
Got a new drive, now getting all this stuff back ready, this way I can sort out things a little crazy
Blew up a 3D drive last night ... bummer ! So had no time to order a new one to drop the almost 4 tb from the backup on to it, and the backup I only use to restore a worst case not wanting to risc a full loss. now i is weekend so have to build up some sort of provisory ! My luck that I back up everything as soon as I am done with it so had no loss at all . Now just got to figure out how to make a small external so that I can continue to work on my models until I get this fixed
GhengisFarb, Yes I had a look at Patreon a while back , but I guess all this stuff is rather complicated, I would be running around from one site to another, this one here already is keeping me quiet busy LOL
Have you considered setting up a Patreon account, with a monthly prop tier, environment tier, figure tier, all 3 tier? I've noticed a lot of DazStudio creators have started going to that.
so Pay Pal just is asking for a percentage! what I get on there I can use to Pay things for the site or the 3D I use as I do not even have a credit card. so if I need something on the net then I have to save really hard, the site does not throw out a Mustang ( Still Dreaming ) so no big business.
twajjo, I looked at other options but that would sure start causing that I have to pay monthly memberships and plans Shopify is not cheap! then it would fore me to have e-banking it is a big rat tail and all want a piece of the cake. I might be a little old-fashion and never set up a online banking, still going to the post office to pay my bills
Sorry to hear that Summoner, I have philosophical differences with the policies of PayPal. They are secure for you, but not so much with buyer information.
The ones who Purchased the Hunter will get the Extension download via e-mail .... friends
An other sample render

ok I just made an


version of the Hunter with conforming Outfit this will allow to make conforming armors to that extended version next to the ones that come with her. The Extended version will come along with the Original package as extra smile
Predator done just released the last Extra Mask package .... Might be doing a Male model later on but not rightaway passed already so much time on that release! Usually do not do Models with addon's but I might do a Extended version for the Female ( Naked ) with clothes in case I wuld want to make other outfits instead of rebuilding a whole model.
Uff --- Almost done with that Predator, (Another Dust-catcher on the Site LOL) sure is a big load of stuff! The last package to go, that one will have some Interactive weapon figures. The war bow still is giving some to figure out how to make it fold correctly but sure will figure out that trick

blink crazy
The hunter female is finally done! Took me forever! After her release I will have to finish up all the Add-on's , quiet a few I assume that there will be another 4 big Packages

Haaa! It works bb2


Scales are on the right place so it can be adjusted in many way's . Made two Hunter versions one with attached helper bones and one with detached to have a working IK model The IK model works great to adapt the scaling and posing ... on this render you see how massive the hunter can be crazy
blink blink unsure

good to know ... now need to check if the WM scaling is on the right position to scale up the muscles . Arms Legs and torso are subdivided. I already made toe option to change it to a male with a chest bone .. But muscles rolleyes not tested jet
IMHO her arms could use a little buffing up, they look a little spindly for the size of that gauntlet and claw.
twajjo, Ok not sure what should be wrong with pay pal it is a very secure method ... but actually I do not have any other methods as I want to avoid that the site saves any sensitive data
Summoner, is there any other method of payment than PayPal? I want to buy more of your work, but I refuse to use PayPal. Thank you.
This is a little


on the Terminator I am working at. It is coming out really great! I guess there will be 3 Packages, right now I am finishing up the Hunter it self with the Material settings then I will have to setup the huge Mask collection and the Weapon add-on collection. Some weapons are also complex articulated Figures that need to be done right.
Still working hard on that Predator. It is a big challenge and a huge package, one of the most difficult models I am working at. 11 mask types and already 24 material styles. 2 Figure setups that I had to do for different bending options with helper bones and wanted to have a good working Ik. Now I will start making the weapon arsenal to end it up
LordSnot, upps sorry had a space in the link


Mega links somehow cause spaces in the Url when posting
The Poser 2014 fix I cant access. asking for encryption key
Guess that drill will be the most complex interactive Tentacle ever made for Poser. 7 Drills with fully functional Interactive Piston system, each 3 Pistons Center piston draws out in 3 layer tubes. This will be the head, the tenta has a double layer bending system covered with independent rings. I really thought it would not be possible to get that thing articulated correctly but it worked. So learned something totally new.
I think I just made the Impossible Possible with that Drill, sure a amazing Part. That new articulation system I used beats it all LOL. Now wonder if EP-underground will be able to load that thing as I never went over a 10 meg Cr2 file that already lets me wait a while until it loads!
Next to that Terminator working on a huge tenta Drill. It got so many details and mechanical parts that it got Huuge Almost 300 meg model. got to find a way to reduce it. Got to find a way as it sure looks mind-blowing. Comes to it that I have to get a Hydraulic system working for all the drills, sure is a big challenge.
this is how my

Poser 2014

works now after the install ... just as it should and Win 10 does not kick it out on new updates. I also locked Flash updates and made some Internet blocks in the Flash settings as these are not needed. This way it is just local on the machine.
GhengisFarb, I actually updated my 10 win to 21H2
but it did not work on the normal updates, so it forced me to overwrite my windows with the Microsoft tool full clean install. I then had to fix that Flash as I got some important programs that still need it. that naturally automatically fixed all the older poser issues.

This Version

fixed all the issues