Cool, looking forward to new releases smile
RLOwens, jup actually soon , just finishing up the Poser 13 testing, just passed a learning curve. all seems to work good.. so not drooping poser LOL ! I lost allot of time since Renderosity made there latest release of P13 finally resulting I can continue building the models in P11 so that they are fully compatible in the latest Poser release friends
Any upcoming releases planned or life have you to busy at the moment?
Yes, it's the call home that bothers me!
Would help you but I am absolutely not familiar with MAC. There is a possibility to use Poser 11.3.818 Mac without any call home system that I am certain but I can't run a test sad .... I use all my Poser versions Portable so always removed the Internet dependence, as sure do not like these statistic collecting they do. And what happen after Rendo took over from SM will never again happen to me.
Inkipolony, This sounds really bad. I also primarily run Poser 11 but still the SM version. Rendo broke to many things since they have it! The render speed in superfly does not compensate the damage. Also Renders do not get better just because they are more shiny.
Poser 12 won't work on my iMac (2015) so Poser 13 is out of the question, so I'll soldier on with Poser 11 and just hope Rendo doesn't pull the plug on it!
LOL, well I need to get back into all this, I am right now messing with Poser13 and check what changes are made. Suff all seems to be compatible I made even with superfly. I was worried for a moment! So testing a little if and where I could make Improvements but seems the way i'v dome the meshes there working great in P13. Also had to mess with my GPU to get it working right. Now just hope that Poser will pull again a little. Past months there were no signs to get any better
I am missing fresh freebies smile
FIle Factory Certificate has been updated and fixed, so all working again as it should

File Factory has a little delay with there Certificate that might cause a notification that the download is insecure, you can still access the download by clicking Proceed .... I Hope they fix it soon as I could not reach them on weekend.
If you still use Poser 11.1 from SM then you might get a token error on line 8 lately. This is not a computer error, it is that Poser is trying to access a dead link. You can fix it by simply adding a line in your host file www.producturlsupport.com

adding this line will fix the issue and you can continue using your Poser 11.1 without disturbing error message.
erikadc, Actually not really, It naturally depends what it is.
Hi summoner! do you make special request?
You can enter "poser" in the search at Renderhub
There is at least one Poser content provider on RenderHub, but you have search for "cr2" (the poser format extensions for content) as they've never had enough Poser merchants to make a Poser category.
Just wanted to say that cool things is that DS is free... I don't like them deleting content. That is only thing unethical for me...
True... I amsticking to G1. It does work good. I really love all fantasy characters for G line models... But yes lots of money goes to follow morphs and clones, yet figures mostly do work good... I really love it all, g9 might be back to roots I mean G1... but I have not yet tested it... They are going a bit too fast and it might be hard to follow all that... For me from poor part of Eastern EU sure is especially with hardware... But on the good side I DAZ have been at least 30 years there and t
My biggest issue right now with Daz is them constantly f*cking around with all these base models. And then vendors acting like they have to follow the same unethical practice. Daz literately makes you rebuy the same stuff for these base figures to, so it won't be long before they have a Genesis 10 or 20 and people will be forced to switch to that nonsense. this is the one thing I hate the most about DAZ, is their constant releasing of these base models and then just slapping a diff number on
I am waiting for new models smile
I did this video where a couple of your freebies are used. https://www.deviantart.com/hectorny/art/Burn-953400928
Right now I just do not seem to find much time for my creations as I am totally overloaded with work and projects, so that I sometimes do not know where my head stands. Have started a few Models and waiting for some quiet moments to release these
suasi678, Yes I had a look at render Hub not to long ago, I guess I would be the only Poser Vendor there LOL. I could not find any category for Poser Items, so this sure would throw me back a little. There are lots of great DS items for sure. I tried last night once again to convert a figure for DS and again no luck. It is just messing up the whole rigging on Import, forcing to fix all joints once converted to DS format. A real Pity
As far as sales go, please remember that almost no one knows about this site. If you also sold on RenderHub, your traffic would explode.
I had suggested that art deco-art nouveau architecture because it remined me very much of your style. Props are also Poser/Studio agnostic.
Would you be interested in a Discord server with some very smart and experienced graphics folks? I'm sure they could help you out.
suasi678, I already managed to bridge quiet a few external Programs to poser, but just had no luck at all with DS. I know that many creators make models in Poser first to convert them as final into DS, as long as there triax. But the other way around it is pure hassle, mostly because of loosing all morphs and master dials. DS just got some strange barriers
suasi678, Jup these architecture sure look Wonderful. I tried a few times with requests from DS users to make some conversions, but resulting of little to no interests. Allot of times there are requests but these mostly end up as no sell. I am still once in a while trying to find a code, or a way bringing things into DS, as I know that it supports the simple skinning, always telling my self that I must of overseen something.
I'd love to see these made for Poser/Studio and wonder if they'd sell?
Have you seen this fantasy architecture being made in AI? Following the links takes you down a rabbit hole of wonderful designs. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10229761217962741&set=ecnf.100045830827628
Having seen some of what Ken has done with his stable diffusion experiments in the HW3D forums makes me wish I had access to the code build he uses and a machine that could run it. I would love to toy with it to use and explore the possibility of using it in a supporting roll with Poser - for creating backgrounds or foregrounds or even processing Poser renders through it. AI in an artists hands could be an incredibly powerful tool.
Exactly, I don't get any of my creativity out of AI & I have never learned how to word where it makes what I see in my mind. With Poser even if I use others creations I am putting them together to express the image I have in my immigration.
merrygranny, I do not think that AI will replace the creativity of artists, 3D also never replaced Painters. To encourage creativity and imagination you need to make things your self, so I believe that most artists will keep on doing things them selves. Individuals always tend to go back to the points where they can figure out things by them selves instead of letting it be done by a AI . A Artist actually is always trying to express he's personality and a AI just can't do this for
Summoner, do you think AI will be the takedown for Pose & DS. Most of the posts in the Rendo gallery are made in AI. I personally don't like it even though I have bought some backgrounds to use in Poser but I can never get it to make anything I like'
Undercity4, Because of the Lock of DS it is almost impossible making such standalone rigged figure for DS , the main reason why there are not many standalone releases. Forcing users and creators to use Genesis morphs or derived figures from Genesis. Honestly actually would be impossible for most of these monsters to rig in Triax as it be a to limited feature. I do not even know of any other Poser users that use single skinning, They simply never learned and are also stuck on triax.
suasi678, So DS only gives the option of simple skinning when exporting using there Plugins for Blender, Unreal, etc but not in the Import direction this simply blows up the whole rigging.
suasi678, May be one day DAZ will remove the Lock for import of articulated figures that are not based on Triax . I guess it is a business strategy of DS keeping the Genesiss unique and limiting the import of standalone assets that are not based on the Genesis skeletons and articulations, this option allows Daz keeping all rights on any creation that is using there rigging. Would they open that feature then they could get flooded with high end standalones and make a business loss
suasi678, Actually not really possible to use creatures I made that are Single skin WM rigged in DS, Ds just does not support this feature ( It is Locked ) Using these you would have a mayor loss of smooth bending in DS, It would look like a mechanical bending. Som could be converted to override the DS Lock but it is causing that you move the figure through the bones like in Blender so not really the perfect solution at all.
Summoner, you mentioned that we CAN use your monsters in Studio? Please...how?
Damn I really wish I could use those monster figures in DAZ. Its sad they won't make stuff like that at all.
You Can

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Quiet a Interesting Thread
made at Renderosity for once to listen what Individuals have to say. Might be Important for the future moving some things giving a Idea what can be done in future for Poser. So would really be nice to see more comments
Now that G9F is out, which means the cycle is repeating itself all over again. Older model version such as G8, G7 and so on, are already obsolete. DS users will have to reinvest money to buy the new model and accessories. I have been through from V1 to V4, got tired of this and decided to just use V4 and Poser 12. As for the upcoming Poser 13, I will wait and watch whether it's worth the money to update or not.
...attempt to make a billion with NFT's. The whole thing has collapsed. I desperately want Poser to be a viable, stable and usable alternative to Studio and use Daz's figures but....
Studio also has it's share of problems. It loads ALL morphs which means that if you have many characters for G8, load times can take a half hour or more. There is a work around but it's a pain. I still mostly use good old Vicky four.Vicky Four. Daz made a big deal a year ago about a new Studio 5 but has been completely silent since then. Each new update of Studio 4 is worse. More and more people are moving to Blender and Unreal. Daz may have shot itself in the head with their idio
revengar, I also tested the poser 12 version without call home but for my creations way to restrictive, to many things have been removed , no working pythons and the simple texturing option is removed causing it to be more time consuming for creations. Same with 11.2 that already damaged all the Pythons just because they shortened the version Nr of poser so Poser 11.1 is still the mors reliable version made, but only way of using it with your Licence is with the offline activation
it would be a win win for both. DS would support simple bones single skin ( Standard 3D articulations ) and Poser DS formats. For creators it would be a great ++ and models would be outstanding.
This because DS only supports Poser formats that are pre rigged in import most other formats that come from CAD Maya Blender etc are locked. Guess it is because at the time DS was made as alternative to Poser using the same script structure and both were using the same formats. Ds changed the Encrypting later on but the system is almost the same like it was when using Cr2 and PP2 files at the time. So yes if these two Poser and DS would make there formats again cross compatible ....
suasi678, I am also not very optimist when it comes to Poser 13 and it will not cause more creators to work with it . Poser is quiet good for building articulated models and does not prohibit like Ds to work with other creation programs when it comes to import. Allot of DS creators still use poser to make there standalone creations and then just encrypt these to Ds format so in a way there is still a dependence for DS asset creations.
I have Poser 11 & 12, but still use Poser Pro 2014. The Victoria 4 version by Karina called Sasha is my go to figure. I come her every evening to see if Summoner has any new goodies I might want and sometimes I will go buy a pervious goody because I want it now.
2)make it 100% compatible with Daz's duf format so that we can use their content natively. Rendo's figures have always been garbage and it's only because they're delusional that they keep thinking that people use them. I doubt that they have the vision to make any of this happen so naming it '13' is a fitting number for the version that will finally kill Poser.