LordSnot, I just finished fixing my Computer, and now started working on creation again, well there sure will be some environmental sets, just that these are the most Inpeniative ones the more parts a Package has the more work it is to finish em up .... I have quiet some that are not jet finished and time is very hard to find smile
Any Sets in the works? Your Library ones and little Alley were great. Also the subway one.
Damage is a little larger then I thought ! all the works I was working at were saved in Blender like a Runtime, allot are gone causing me to rebuild that library, files are not lost but I have to relink and find where I saved them .
uff fixed my computer, also had to make a restore ! now can start over again with the projects that blew off. Changed the computer setup with own files on a SSD stick and a older sepperate HD for creations actually a drive that has steady changes mostly these get hit after allot of saving and trashing data. Now lets hope it is stable , these drive fixes and replacements start costing a fortune blink
Actually I was stupid as I could hear the cracking the past day's , and even thought that it might blow ... I should of saved my work in progress from the past month on a secondary drive after these suspecting sounds ... well next time I'll know better for sure
Finally restored all my Data and office stuff on a temporary HD that I had laying around ... so I can see the Damage .... well the models I was working on are still there, just have to do the whole rigging from scratch .... Over 10 models ... Gozilla was almost finished and King Kong to ... Tomorrow I should get a new ssd I ordered for the own Data that do not move to much and then I mount a sepparate smaller HD for creation purposes Less loss if the working HD blows up
A really bad year for hard drives, my own data drive just blew off, made a restart then scan disc popped up and computer hanged cry ending up that my drive with all personal data went puff !!!! Well got a backup from beginning of July but all the work I was doing the past month gone .... I am totally out of my self !
KageRyu, Loool Shaving with adds ...!!

The clip is rally cool ...
Used your HellHowler in this video (it is an old WIP - I have a lot more to it now, but still more to do). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oov0SIUBjAQ
@summoner - it's only a matter of time until we have Smartglass for our bathroom mirrors and our shaving is interrupted by advertising...mark my words.
file hosts can be a hassle with there pop ups. In case that File Factory gets them back it is enough to make an account there as free user and the publications will all be gone. A real Internet phenomenon now day's
After contacting File Factory, the host where the downloads are hosted I could manage that they remove the annoying add Pop Ups on the page where to add the password for freebies friends love so now these should not pop up anymore .....
I can't wait! Could try Gamera next. Yeah and I understand. Poser is a pain sometimes.
Begmysweet, Well I am almost done with the next Godzilla release ... was jumping a little from one model to another making things less tedious nyam
Also working on the KingKong so not really easy making them for Poser LOL
Godzilla fan since I was 3. So 40 years.
Godzilla .. Cool, I'm a big Godzilla fan smile
RLOwens, The Ork Harpy still has quiet some work to be done, these Winged creatures sure can be a hassle, If I manage to fix these last little issues it also going to be released.
RLOwens, Yes was by me smile meanwhile they banned my account again, like they do since they got Poser on there hands ... There are a bunch of Models that I am working on. Right now finishing up the second Owl Mask, Godzilla and Kong ....
Was the harpy sneak peek on rosity by you? If so, got any more info or peeks (I liked that render). smile
Unfortunately, in my case anyway, when there are multiple HDs at 2TB each needing backups, backups become - expensive - both in drives to hold them and time to make them. I currently have 18tb dedicated to backups, which need to be consolidated - and sadly some of the data in the backups, too, has become corrupted. I am still trying to recover from the corruption of 2 separate 2tb hds last year.
blink fie
You really should make Backups these Hd drives are not what they once were. I also lost quiet a few but backups are around jut that the drives are so large by now that it is taking day's restoring a crashed drive.
One good thing is though, luckily all the stuff I liked (like summoners) I had already installed in poser on another computer, so while I don't have the zips anymore, I do still have all the stuff in poser for use.
To beat it all, the only thing I didn't have backed up on another drive was all the poser downloads. :/
I feel ya, my HD crashed a couple weeks ago and I lost 2 years of downloads that I had on it. Don't really mind having to get the stuff I paid for again, since it's easily available, but all the free stuff I had that can't get now.. ughh.
Summoner, I couldn't thank you enough. It can be such a hassle getting those things back
HectorNY, I have send you a e-mail with all your Purchases this will save you some time ... I hope your crash was not the Poser/ DS runtimes as that sure is a big hassle loosing collections over decades ....
Should be no Problem at all there are two ways if you kept the e-mails then you still have all the download links, if you deleted the e-mails I have to make a search and send you the links again smile
Talk about bad luck. My USB Drive which had all my purchases from here has given out. is there a way i can get my downloads without having to buy everything again?
We need more Kaiju lol. Maybe a Godzilla Minus One model =D
Just Passed all night fixing the Site Template that somehow broke .... What a shock !!!! but now all should work like it should again
merrygranny, No actually you should not have to buy poser 13. What version were you running P11 Smith micro or Bondware ? If you were running the SM version 11.1 I can help you out get it to work again If you wish having P13 I can help you out there just that P13 is having issues if you use firefly it does not work with backgrounds only superfly works with them . they broke something in the Firefly engine. Contact me on a pm and I will help you out getting it running again
Working on a robo figure that is driving me nuts, don already so much and just want to get it working somehow
Summoner, I finally figured out how to make it work
Summoner, My Poser 11 quit working on me & I reinstalled it but it will not take the serial number, does that mean I will have to buy the Poser 13 or quit working in Poser?
Starting off a new little series of props. This should be ending up as Skull Pentagram Runes with Pedestal that should come in handy for Pinup's and presentations. The Pedestal is almost finished with really neat details ....
Inkipolony, It probably was that some regions were down for the Image host ... happens some times. Sure would be a nightmare if all the Promo images would get lost fie
All images loading this morning.
Working on a Last... or probably last Airship ( Dragon Ship ) that takes a little longer due all the Detail and levels . Also Note that Most of the June Freebies will soon be moved into the store so grab them if you have the password !
Inkipolony, Also checked with my cellphone and Tablet , all product Images seem to load just the way they should ....
Inkipolony, Where do you mean ? I just checked the Store and the Main Publisher ... all Images seem to work just right . At least on my side
No images in ptoducts gallery.
suasi678, I have send you a e-mail with a screenshot of a bridged Poser creature in Blender so you can get a Idea ... Actually not planing to rig that Hunter egg any further as it would have to be totally rebuilt and got so many other projects going that I do not see any end ....
Been doing some reading and I seem to remember that you build your models in Blender. Is that correct?
I was just looking at the Hunter's Egg. Will you be rigging it so that it opens? I can see soooo many possibilities if it would open like a clamshell in 2 or 4 leaves.
Wonderful, thank You so much... They are amazing and just what I needed smile
well this was the last Airship for now !! They sure are fun to use and give quiet neat results in the renders .....
Wow great. I love it... Just got 2nd and it was really nice surprise. Thank You!
milosgulan, Actually there will be 5 for this series if all turns out well smile .... started working on the 3rd one !