Well things slowed me down but was able to find some time to make another release with the Mosquito.

My life partner got operated and she got 8 screws 2 Plates a hock and a wire in her leg to fix the fracture. it is gonna take a while to heal for sure and I am going to be very busy until she can walk again sad A real nightmare! So now I'm Nurse, House maid Farmer and Poser Designer smile
It would almost make more sense to make the arms parented figures since in the series they can reconfigure their arms/legs, how many they have and where they're located. BUT the second and third of the concepts that didn't get used (the one that looks like a speaker woofer for a head and the one that kind of round ball) are actually the two I think look the best, they're different from what most robots look like. biggrin
Had a closer look at this


and for sure it would be a real killer , I mean almost crazy to get it working in Poser LOL you would need a Freezer for your CPU !
GhengisFarb, Yes I seen also the first series of lost in space and thought the same thing when I saw this robot ... it looks really cool. not even sure if I had something like it started at the time blink I have to take a look into my Projects ...
Sorry to hear about the injuries, with Netflix releasing the the final season of Lost in Space, it reminded me how cool the robot looked, any chance of you make a model of the series' robots, or even better some of the initial concepts they didn't use, cause some of those looked really cool.

concepts not used 1.

Concepts not used 2.
RLOwens, thank you smile I hope so to . for sure it is going to take a while for her to walk . 3 fractures from the knee down to the foot and a foot luxation , there is quiet some stuff to be fixed shok shok
Wow, sorry to hear that, hope she gets better quickly.
Well teached me to have my Phone with me in the future ... A Long runn home and back with a terrible feeling leaving her alone for over an hour. I was so stressed out that everything hurts . even if you hike every day you feel like out of shape if encountering such situations. Boy when I saw her foot almost looking backwards and she was also looking at it I just said " No worries looks worse then it is " at least she did not get into Panik.
A Little break .... my Life Partner had a bad accident while we were hiking in the mountain with our dogs ... she fell badly and broke her foot ... actually was looking on the opposite side ... was very stressful organizing the Helicopter whilst we both did not take our cellphones along sad They fixed the leg with bars until the swelling goes away to be able to fix plates on the bones.
Just busted an Environment I was working at ! A Pretty big one that I finished all the textures. Somehow I hang with the mouse on console screens and moved em way from the props sad not realizing and saving ... gonna take forever to fix that issue . So Placing it aside and do something else.
I am mostly using HP lately or maybe Dell. Had similar problem with update this summer, still can't use any sounds or mic on my lap top.
Just passed almost all night on a fatal error on my Asus GPU Tweak that made a update error as it was built for the older computer ad did not work right with the new one huh

Almost had to make a clean reinstall of windows, as after trying to fix that thing it also blasted the Armory Crate shok

Asus Hardware Programs are a real tim bomb pocus
So will be expanding the dead meat creatures a little and working on a new Parasite, a good way to test the system if it generates errors but until now all seems to work just fine

RLOwens, Same here I pushed it back for years now , Just the thought of all the details that have to be done it goes all the way to the Fonts collections that need to be loaded in windows. so only the thought having to rebuild your computer can be a real nightmare.
Glad you are getting it all sorted out. I hate having to do system upgrades and re-installs biggrin
Well sure took me a while but I finally got all programs for the 3D creations set up correctly and could make a release. There are so many things that have to work so that a new Release works out right that is just incredible.

Still a few things here and there to adjust but on the best way to get things back to normal

Ok Now working on my first 3D model on the new computer. Should all be set up the way it was before ( I hope ) Well for the next years I will not have to do such a setup again this was sure a nightmare. Today I passed hours due a missing driver in my hardware crazy
I'm going through serious Summoner withdrawal....
Well more work then I thought ! but still less then it would of been to make a all new setup. Photoshop is a hassle ! Setting it back up with all the plugins I had and features that are essential to create the models. Simple stuff that just takes hours because it does not want to run from scratch
So now I am almost ready again and working on the new workstation. Had to fix some activations and browser e-mail accounts these were grilled ! so started the last check as allot of setups for the model creations got messed up a little .. well glad I do not have to do all this to often.
Finally found out how to clone my 10 ++ year old machine onto the new one after three tries it worked . Had to trick out the system but it is done . it is as if I never changed the Hardware just that win now loads in 10 sec instead of 5 min . pretty amazing how things evolved. Well now just have to build in my Grafik Hd in that cable mess then I can just shut down the old PC and keep it for worst case
yahoo yahoo
ok Now I'm blank !!! New computer with all the additional parts cost a little fortune but I got it all here and already prepared the data transfair on a backup with all drivers and setups . Just have to wait until tomorrow morning to get a SSD 2.0 Usb adapter so that I can make a Image of the actual computer and try to move it on the new one ....
Started to backup my machine for a transfair, I will runn a try to transfair my whole system to the new computer and hope that it works ! else I would have to set it up from scratch . I hope it works as My old Pc is MBR and have no Idea if the new one runs under GPT In theory It should not matter but that is just theory . If the transfair works it would take me just 20 min with the remains to install the new drivers and reactivate Win.
I am still surprised that my machine still works after almost 10 Years 365/365 the only thing that I had to replace was the Grafic card as a Propeller of the fan broke off and with glue was not the ideal solution
boy what a nightmare ! I have to get my self a new PC ... the i7 second generation is getting old and sure do not want to get a unexpected shutdown before having a new workstation. The nightmare is to find a good workstation that does not cost a fortune. The prices of Grafic cards are just Insane at the moment !!! so Passed already two day's to find a good alternative to the one I'v got now .
And I am already enjoying the new sets you just made! Ambition works great!

Yes there quiet cool smile Have to say that it has been a while since made Environments, Ok thy sure can be a pain to make but results can be seen ... Just working on another one . Sort of a royal bedroom with neat integrated Library and big special Cheminee
Love the new sets!
your Mystical set* lol
Bought you the Mysticals set, so awesome, love your work.
Well so stupid ! last night win made the automatic updates and shut down my work in progress on that environment so lost a save point sad witch I had set up all lights material zones and now have to make them all over again!
hope I make a few sales so I be able to place this one as freebie .....
merrygranny, yea looking already great have to fix allot of details and check every angle that is made for rendering. Then keep it under a 50 meg to ensure that it does not lay heavy on Artworks. allot of small Environments have that issue that they use all resourcen making renders almost impossible or taking hours . I like em if there under a minute

lol lol
The park environment sounds great
So Next should be a City fantasy Park full Environment! The park should already give a pretty large playground for romantic scenes with a full surrounding 3D city Fassade. The build will only be what you see from the angles of the Park. meaning that it is a type Hollywood Fassade no back build. this ensures to make a really big Environment that is as light as a background Image just that it is in 3D .
Well finishing up another Interior a broken library taking me a while. Should be a incoming freebie smile one room with balcony's in witch the balcony will remain as deco and one sided. well at least I am finishing these up after it got requested to make some environments. I also noted that I had a scifi space ship Interior started round type a while back and almost forgotten about it guess it is soo huge that I placed it aside .
I have to say that I enjoy using your environments such as the Little Retreat and the Secret Dome. I like these for they can add some mystery to whatever story theme I can come up with. In a couple of weeks, I have to get The House of Owls. That looks very promising.
I am working on an other one , that one gives me the creeps , sort of steam punk Lab or fabric. I think it was 2 years ago when I started and hopefully will soon be finished with it .
I Personally love these as there light , render fast and in many cases can be way better then just a Backdrop or a background image.

LOL when it happens then I just skip it and do something else. These Environments can be tedious. Want em Large, light in size and detailed really many aspects to consider. When these blow it is a real nightmare !
Ouch, I see, that's a bummer. I've lost some work too over the years and it's always really boring having to do stuff over again...

Nop wish it was that way it was not saved as Poser file jet it was in Obj and I hit instead of import the save button witch caused to overwrite a empty scene over the almost finished Environment . the best way to make sure erasing a figure for sure

Hi Summoner, did you save it as a scene file (.PZ3)? In that case, you can get it back. Poser always saves the old version somewhere in the temp files before saving the new version. Just do a hard disk search for .PZ3-files. This 'saved' me once, when I lost about 14 days of work on a very complicated animation scene.
Well great just messed up the Room !! somehow saved and got a zero file all puff ... well there it goes well guess will do something else for now .
I started a mirror room , not the standard as the room is mirrored as said so not just a mirror reflection. This will offer the opportunity to place a model on one side of the Mirror and another mirrored on the other side to make sort of ghost and Horror effects with ease. So in theory two rooms with a mirror in the middle.
Ok All went well yahoo
was just a little bacterial reaction that made the Vein turn red . What a Shock !!
Bad Day !!! Need to go to the Hospital after a cat Scratched me and getting a red line on he arm

cry cry cry cry

Hope that they do not keep me to long there !
Working on a Fly drone, to use as little spy and man other things smile

Quiet detailed ! so have to figure out the size for a good startup as a Fly is rather small in size .
Well sure not easy to run a site and take care of it and at the same time make the products. But still allot better then using Broker's that rip you off to the bone .

Glad to hear smile

Downloads can be a hassle at times , there are always issues , some have at times the Antivirus that gets an alarm others have an issue that the Http does not automatically change to Https and like in your case that some have file locks caused from the Internet providers !