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9. Michael C. Van Volkenburg [Navim]   (13-12-2019 16:11)
Wow! Most creative Poser site I have seen in 25 years of doing digital!

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8. esther carney [estherau]   (11-06-2019 10:01)
Interesting site.  Really well made products with amazing promo artwork that is super impressive!

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7. Sam Halburian [samhal]   (28-11-2018 18:18)
Wow! Just...wow. Where have you and this site been hiding all this time! I'm very impressed!

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6. B.Vienerius [aqua1955]   (13-01-2018 20:19)
By accident I found this great shop and its design. I am very impressed. Sure be back soon to make my first purchase.

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5. Dave Eyre [FlickeringLight]   (04-02-2017 13:42)
Thanks for the Library Corner free model, I used it in an image that got selected for the "Staff Picks" thread in Renderosity forum https://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/the-librarian/2729801/?p

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4. Gerry Michaud [teklord1]   (07-10-2016 11:59)
Thanks for the site, I like the figures. One question though. I downloaded and installed the Stargate Final model. I'm using DazStudio 3x and 4.9. When trying to load it I get a popup asking to load a file called none. Then when I tell it to skip it, I get the following in the daz error file. Importing file
Importing !Stargate Full Conform.cr2 ...
Reading file !Stargate Full Conform.cr2
Error loading figureResFile on line 7 in D:/Gerard J. Michaud's Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio3/content/runtime/libraries/character/Stargate Final/!Stargate Full Conform.cr2
Failed to import: D:/Gerard J. Michaud's Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio3/content/runtime/libraries/character/Stargate Final/!Stargate Full Conform.cr2
Operation failed

Can you tell me why it fails to load?

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3. Alice Howard [azoohouse]   (31-01-2016 02:10)
Hi! I just stumbled onto this new site. It looks very promising. I'm not a vendor but I purchase content almost on a daily basis. I will check back here periodically to see how it grows.
Good luck and best wishes!  Azoohouse

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2. Al Douglas [SmoothlyDoesIt]   (22-05-2014 03:52) E-mail
I've only just found this site, but there's some amazing art on here (and awesome freebies lol)
I've bookmarked and I'll be back in future to see how it all goes biggrin

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1. marty mcfly [Flying_Dutchman]   (28-01-2012 09:37)
I was looking for 3D content can anyone Help
I have reg but cant find anything?? biggrin


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