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V4 - Ultimate 2.6 Ultrapack "2022"

V4 - Ultimate Update 2.6 (Ultrapack ) 17.09.2022

This is a special version of Victoria4 Includes all possible fixes and almost any
Morph built into the V4. The Lock bracket code from Daz has been completely removed
this way she is unlocked for Creators ( This was a hidden feature that DAZ built in
at the time when Initializing the V4 ) 

V4 Ultimate 2.6 comes as 5 individual versions. each over 44'000 built in Morphs

It is a work of many years getting the best out of V4 and making it a totally independent
Install and runtime, also a high speed up of the model by fixing the whole internal morph
structure and removing almost any conflicts

If you are interested of using her, testing her or making it your favorite version let me 
know and I might consider sending you a full copy of that work.

Update 22.09.2022
Sasha is the latest ultimate build and the most difficult one to get right so you will
still find some issues with that model. Some morphs cause cross issues, I have not
found the reasons jet but it might be due some changes made in the morph load tree
when she was build, These conflicts appear sometimes in the Visments and expressions....

Known Issues in Sasha-16
some rare expressions not loading correctly ( Fixed )
sometimes small Conflicts with Facial expression poses Fc2
FaceMorphsPro  ( Fixed )
Leena International ( Fixed )
International Faces ( Fixed )
Faerime ( Fixed )
Boopsie G4 ( Fixed )
Reby Sky ( Fixed )

As soon as I got it all done I will provide a Update for this version to download
most issues are cause because the Original Sasha is a Preload and cant recognize
additional morphs, she is or was pretty limited to the creators Save Point.
( The original will never be capable loading these Packages )

 !! The other 4 Ultimate versions Working without any known issues !!

Includes the Sasha-16 ultimate Update with the latest Fixes

V4 - Ultimate 2.6 Ultrapack Final 

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37 mickale   (29-11-2022 19:22) [Entry]
have just heard of this V4 version. I've been having issues with Full body morphs not uploading. wondered if I could get the latest version link. 
(sent a PM, but not sure if it went thru. sorry to bother.)

36 zett   (29-11-2022 13:17) [Entry]
Hi Summoner,
looks very good , fantastic idea. But where can I found the files for "V4 - Ultimate 2.6 Ultrapack" ?

38 Summoner   (29-11-2022 20:45) [Entry]
updated the download link with the full V4 ultimate Package

35 Pmaker   (04-11-2022 23:59) [Entry]
I'm very interested in your ultimate V4, still use her instead of all the newer models. I look forward to the improvements you made.

33 BigBadRon   (12-10-2022 17:54) [Entry]
I too would be interested in taking a look at V4 ultimate.

34 BigBadRon   (12-10-2022 22:26) [Entry]
Thank you.  smile

32 LordSnot   (29-09-2022 06:17) [Entry]
Where can I get this ultimate pack? Been using the one you made years back and love it and now another update? Must have!

31 sledder   (28-09-2022 11:29) [Entry]
Just wonderful, many thanks for the awsome work amazing effort. Again THANK YOU!!!

30 KageRyu   (24-09-2022 04:22) [Entry]
I would love to be able to try the ultimate pack.

29 Begmysweet   (24-09-2022 04:17) [Entry]
Totally interested in checking this out. If the offer still stands (I hope it does)

27 cu_culain   (23-09-2022 16:10) [Entry]
Wow!  I'd love to give this model a try if you're still sharing, Summoner!

24 director2it   (22-09-2022 12:51) [Entry]
about being able to test V4 Ultimate Thread it would be a great joy and opportunity having been the reference for a very long time

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