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Sunday, 14-07-2024, 11:54



Requests for 3D Creations
SummonerDate: Wednesday, 16-02-2022, 22:03 | Message # 46
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Quote minyassa ()
I would love to see some models of bosses from Valheim, especially Eikthyr. Eikthyr is very pretty if you ignore the blood and chains.

Ok that deer looks really interesting, would sure be considerable making one. well actually just needs some glowing red eyes and a Cain smile
Just the way I know my self with all the to be done models would have to place it somewhere into that list ... Would have to make these
Parts like Chain removable .... Reminds me a little of these Forest gods so would have to look a little more Impressive and Powerful.

SHWDate: Tuesday, 17-10-2023, 22:23 | Message # 47
Group: Young Dragon
Messages: 6
Status: Offline
After seeing your christmas giveaway list (the polar express train) I thought, that would be awesome, but something I could still use commercially without stepping on copyright-toes. steam trains, flying trains, steampunk trains, atlantis trains, lol. trains.

Book cover designer

ArhainArtDate: Sunday, 05-05-2024, 21:46 | Message # 48
Group: Dragon
Messages: 13
Status: Offline
I've seen your Stagate props but nt the death glider

SG Death Glider

Pain is the one emotion shared by all creatures.

It unites us all.


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