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Sunday, 14-07-2024, 13:52



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Planet-Invader Weapon ( Incoming Next )
SummonerDate: Wednesday, 30-11-2016, 21:51 | Message # 1
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
This is a Mesh I am working on already for a Long time.
always a little here a little there, in combination with hes big brother that
is gonna fallow this one.
it will have over 90 bending body parts to change aspect and to be able
to Animate. Actually it should be a Large model but I Kept it small-
as a Sky scaper it would be a never ending scrolling in poser DS.
The Texturing is just finished and most of the boning , rigging will now fallow.

It is almost impossible to describe what that Invader will be able to do at the end !
Just like a transformer. I added a Scale morphing system to it that automatically adapts the
attached Parts to smoothly morph it so not only bending will be the options but also scaling and moving parts

ok time to get a break now smile

3ternityDate: Thursday, 01-12-2016, 03:42 | Message # 2
Group: Superior Dragon
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
Looks cool. Hope it's DS compatible wink tomato cool

SummonerDate: Thursday, 01-12-2016, 22:08 | Message # 3
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
After I just finished this First Invader model I have to finish up another one that I started off
Actually a Biological Invader version!
The leviathan will be fully articulated with movable legs claws and body .
This mesh is High res and will have high detailed textures.

SummonerDate: Thursday, 01-12-2016, 22:12 | Message # 4
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Quote 3ternity ()
Looks cool. Hope it's DS compatible

well the Weapon is for sure compatible with some slight differences but almost not visible
I kept the WM close to the joints to avoid breaks in DS

But the Leviathan that one will be hard to make compatible with DS and have a really good result
will try


SummonerDate: Friday, 02-12-2016, 14:58 | Message # 5
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
After finishing up that Biological Invader bug I already started to Create the Destroyer !
That one is even more complicated then the Weapon . I am trying to finish up that series
that will resulting having 2-4 other Invaders then the ones already presented.
there will also be two or even four other Mechanical kind models like the Biological Invader
but first will do the Destroyer that will look about like this , with a Impulse weapon that is still
hidden behind the Chest Armour.

I am not sure weather to do this whole series in a row or rather do something else inbetween
but I thing when it is done it is done sometimes better to keep a line.

ThorneldrichDate: Friday, 02-12-2016, 18:31 | Message # 6
Group: Young Dragon
Messages: 16
Status: Offline
Wow... shok

I don't have to outrun THEM, I only have to outrun YOU!

SummonerDate: Saturday, 03-12-2016, 02:57 | Message # 7
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Ok the destroyer is ready to be rigged just finished the Mapping and texturing.
there are several texture regions compared to other models I worked on.
I separated the back legs and the joints the head and the Body.
that whole thing will have 110 body-parts that have there function and articulation.
a pretty high average but great to make animations.
It should work just fine in DS naturally with the exception of some tube bones
but these are not hooked to the leg movements it is just an additional feature to
bounce em a little smile
Worst is done as once the figure is in poser it is just a matter of details to finish it up

Will be happy when I'm done with this series and I have to say, not many Figures ever have been released
with so many options and detail in Poser

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