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Sunday, 14-07-2024, 12:59



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The Psycho ( A Little longer Project )
SummonerDate: Saturday, 19-11-2016, 23:55 | Message # 1
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
I am working hard on this Model to get it right , it sure makes fun and is pretty difficult.
Probably compared to other models it is gonna have it's little limits but I try to do my best.
Only that Body without the head is giving me a headache and somehow the shoulder map
moved out when building it but not really a biggie as it still looks like a Comic Figure.
some bending I am working on trying to get a good bending but it has its limits somehow.
The look naturally clears all the Little issues . I will try to make about 22 heads , each is gonna be
it's own figure. it is the first of a Series I wanna make and when it is finished I will decide if it
is worth doing more of these models.
As it is the first of it's kind it might not be Perfect but it will do the trick and be a perfect companion
for Harlequin smile

The first Sample renders and more to come soon
I am not sure how many Packs I will make it may be 2 or 3 as it is allot of
work to make so many figures.

SummonerDate: Sunday, 20-11-2016, 01:39 | Message # 2
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Repainted the Body Maps and fixed the shoulder Issue as good as I could smile
So the Bad cut is almost gone I now can concentrate on the Rigging of the Body Part
Before I start to conform the Main Head.
so now that body has high resolution Psd Texturing ... Boy he's gonna be a Master piece.

Next step... Testing the Weight mapping on the bending it was pretty difficult as the muscles on the
Upper body sometimes comes in the way. also on the Left arm the attached tube that has to follow
the movement correctly. this figure will also have the WM translate and Scale system to adjust
extreme poses and to Morph the figure.

SummonerDate: Sunday, 20-11-2016, 20:22 | Message # 3
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Well the base Package is almost done it will come with the standard head and a special
Add-on head not the usual one.
I will make two additional Packages with Heads each package 10 outstanding Pieces. a total of 20 Heads.
so for now this is how the Base Pack looks like ....

SummonerDate: Monday, 21-11-2016, 02:35 | Message # 4
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Started off the First head Package and it is more work then I thought .
Each head has it's own Weight mapping , this special system of Rigging
allows a conforming and different rigging of the conformed body-parts
It is the advantage that each head will have it's own Bending adapted to
the form Also this whole system prevents massive distortions
on body-parts that should be static when bending.
It makes even tubes that are attached to the body bend right something
that was rather Impossible before in poser.
Still as much as I try these will not be compatible with DS , it is where DS
should make he's update to allow this kind of Weight mapping.
My guess is, it will never happen.

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