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Tuesday, 18-06-2024, 16:16



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Hydra Ultimate Dragon ( Incoming Soon )
SummonerDate: Tuesday, 20-12-2016, 22:12 | Message # 1
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
I thought I would never be able to make this one and .... Wooow
after the first render I just had a blast.
This figure has over 100 Articulations that I am Adjusting
And Rigging. The largest Problem was as it is asymetrical so every
single bone needs do be Rigged individually.
I hope that it will not take me to long to Finish it up
But for sure it is gonna beat em all.
I actually wanted to make a Dolphin but I guess it was to easy smile

SummonerDate: Tuesday, 20-12-2016, 23:56 | Message # 2
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
Here a Head-shot just finished Rigging that Part.

GhostwolfDate: Thursday, 22-12-2016, 03:39 | Message # 3
Group: Young Dragon
Messages: 15
Status: Offline
Great design work as always, very life-like.
You know, this hydra dragon creature reminds me so much of this big dude right here

Its name is DesGhidorah, short for Destroyer Ghidorah, a kaiju from the "Rebirth of Mothra" Japanese monster movie series.

SummonerDate: Thursday, 22-12-2016, 12:34 | Message # 4
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 157
Status: Offline
LOL Sure is close , I had to sroll quiet a few times up and down to compare
and I like the spiked taill that one has.

Boy I am glad I'm through with this dragon it was pretty heavy
to use it it is ok loading time is Fair but to Rig and work on it
it sure heats up the Ram . It took about 30 min just to load into
the Easy-Pose app to get these Dials made at first I thought it
hangs and that I have to do it all manually LOL.

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