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Still a long way to go

Status on the 10.10.2016
There is still a long way to go , Freedom has got many new users and this is very Positive.
There are not many Sales up to now, I was hoping to reach a certain amount due tonight
as the site host had a 60% sale, getting for the Price of 2 Years 5 Years, it would of been
really nice , so may be next time if they have a sale , I am saving on it.

Actually I am just trying to cover the Costs with the Sales, the better I am able to Sell
the more Free stuff I am able to Place. At the moment I still cover most out of my own Pocket
and I hope that it will change one day.

Most Store products have an average of one Sale with some exceptions like the Book of magic
that reached about 8 sales some never got sold. I am trying to figure out What Products
are Requested most , so I try to make creations in a wide range for different tastes.

Freedom has now 375 Members but a very low Activity, not in visiting the site But
not many conversations, For a creator it is also important to communicate this Increases
the Motivation , you have all the Possibilities to share your renders, make Threads in the
Forums so use it , and as time goes by I can extend the Forum departments.
it also gives you the opportunity to get to know each other , and make new Friends.

I will start a new Forum section with Product advertisements instead of Placing it
into the shoutbox this might make it more Interesting. I am trying to get it all under one
Hat as all takes allot of time. Making the Models Poser ready , Packing and Posting
and managing a Whole site like this one.

Thank you for Reading
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17 Navim   (14-12-2019 06:40) [Entry]
Great models but your site seems secretive. I just bought my first model from you and will continue to buy more.

15 aqua1955   (19-04-2019 17:59) [Entry]
I don't know about your statement as user of items from Daz, Poser and your store. I learned through the years that people even don't pay their rent and say: "need to wait until my credit cart will allow me to buy the file".
When I started around 2005 files were accessible for most of us, where you pay now a fortune for 1 file that is often cut up in 4 or 5 files to buy. I wonder where that border is. I have myself a few bucks a month that I can spend on my poser addiction.
Sometimes I save them and wait until they become a bargain. That is what I think the real world is besides the fiction we are all living in when we use our programs. When RDNA stopped files were $0,50 where they do now around 10$ to 20$.
I am honest when I say that I can't pay 50$ a month and neither for a weekly almost changing figure at DAZ. I hated it when I just bought V5 and V6 and V7 and final V8 came. Yes I think the items today are very realistic, but still I want to stay in a realistic world, where first I pay my bills and purchase once in a while something new. 
When I read your post I did see that almost no one gave a reaction to your topic. Yes you make affordable pieces of work. That's why I am coming in an look for items that I like to use in future. And as others say, I also like your work very much. I thank you also for the freebees, because it makes my world in a great way bigger. Your Easter Rabbit is in between turned in a past fairy tale, where the story is told about the fastest, the Rabbit or the turtle. Thank you very much!

16 Summoner   (19-04-2019 20:29) [Entry]
Jup I am also since 2002 into Poser and at the time People worked allot more together to get 
models done it gives allot of satisfaction , and things sure did change over the years. 

I still try to kee a good balance between Free and Store and I think it works quiet well
just that I changed that I place em later into the Store so ending up with more Free then 
in Store ... ok if you have the Freebie Password 

I am sure aware that for allot of Artists it is very expensive as most do not have that much
and there are soo many nice things out there one artist would wish to have even if he never 
could use em all ( I have the same Issue at times LOL )

I want also to thank you for this fabulous Cheer up and it makes me happy to see that you
like the Products and naturally the Freebies they are here to make People happy and offer 
the possibility to have a little more to dream .... I try to do things the way I would like to have
them if I were Customer 

And for sure Pay your Bills first as if you don't then Art might turn into a Nightmare 


14 aqua1955   (15-05-2018 10:19) [Entry]
I am sorry to say, but got a prize and never had been of freedom of art before. Weird if you know that I am working with poser from 2002.
I sometimes remember in the past that I did see you coming bye on a site. 
Anyway to give you a advice to reach more people and make tis way more money.
Why not make a special freebee with a link to your shop, to get it there. I think it is possible on Renderosity.
This way it works both ways, advertising at low cost. In between we spread the word and hope this way your profits go up.
Prices on Daz are much higher and they overwhelm you each day with new stuff. I liked the small shops, where I found so much joy in my work and where files were tested.
Hope you will succeed, because your work should not be in this cellar, but open in the air and selling itself.

11 Chupacabra555   (25-03-2018 15:10) [Entry]
For my 2 cents: When it comes to picking up products for Poser (or Daz), the 'sweet spot' for me are items in the range of $10 or less.  I'll occasionally buy a $15 item, and only one for $20+ if it is really good, or has a lot of versatility.

12 Summoner   (25-03-2018 15:46) [Entry]
Actually I sure can understand the fact that many People would like to get Models for less the 10 buck
it is also something I thought many times about . 
It also was something I was estimating weather placing it all for cheap and skipp Freebies or make
more for free, placing once in a while a Store item for Limited time and so on.

Thinking if I were a costumer the deal with Freebies was the most accurate and the savings are
at the end way higher with that password system then having a 20%-50% sale or having it all
for 5-10 buck . Looking at the average of about 40% and more free every Period and one gets
a Model for 15 $ that one ends up saving a minimum of 40$ every Period 
this method makes the Item of 15$ drop down to less then 5$ , not to mention all the other free stuff
LOL this would make an average of a few cent for the creations .

At the moment the balance is kept with a few very Kind fans that regularly give Support
and motivate me to keep on going this way but in most cases people would  find the Place
and get one Item for less the 10$ to be able to get the other 300 products smile guess in such a case
it wuld be the best deal one ever could get , as this way if the average would be 10$ on the 300
each item would cost 0.033 cent. 

But even I would like it if I would find such a deal so I sure can understand and I guess that I do it this way
as I know that this Poser Ds hobby can be very expensive.

13 Summoner   (25-03-2018 16:24) [Entry]
The next option I was considering is to make a Month cupon as a sample , one pay's 50$ a month and gets all creations made in this period
the creation average is between 15 and 30 this would be a deal that every model would cost about 2.50$ not matter what it would be.

it actually was the Plan I had for the future but in such a case it would need more Members that would have Interest in such a system.
also the more members the site would have willing to have such a system the more it would make the 50$ drop and go down drastically.
and cause that one model would only cost 1$ .

but this case is a scenario that only would be if Freedom of Art would reach it's quota

10 aqua1955   (27-01-2018 16:02) [Entry]
Very beautiful. The depth inside is marvellous as colours go with it

8 Namtar   (14-10-2017 00:10) [Entry]
Hi there!, i'm new here, but i love the models and the freebies are the best i ever seen in a poser website. 

I would love more dragons, (specially Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones inspired by), and fantasy locations like Helm's Deep or something like that. 


9 Summoner   (14-10-2017 00:28) [Entry]
nice to hear that you like the things that I can offer and Thanking you for the kind words.
Well I try to keep a little the things for all the different tastes as I'm alone running it all .
I Also like Dragons and these Gothic kind of things allot and do what I can smile 
but to be honest most of the time there Dust Catchers as somehow there are not that many
that take these LOL , I alway's thought that there would be a Huge interest but well.

So I normally do these because I like em allot my self , there sure are Plans to do some more of them.
My Favorite one was the Keltic Dragon with the wings that go into the Tail that one is outstanding .

6 AURELYUS   (22-09-2017 18:48) [Entry]
I would like to post my renders here but I can't understand how to do that !

7 Summoner   (22-09-2017 19:02) [Entry]
Here is a little tutorial TXT that might be helpful
when you post a Gallery item you will have the choice to use Html BB code or the 
Visual editor  it is just a matter of trying .
you can use any Image host for your Render  then just use that link to make it visible
Important is that the Link ends with .Jpg or .png this way the board knows it is an image


4 Gojira2006   (21-03-2017 02:46) [Entry]
Beautiful . . . ! biggrin

5 Summoner   (21-03-2017 23:44) [Entry]
thank you  smile

3 Llynara   (26-01-2017 17:09) [Entry]
I just stumbled across your site. Found it through Share CG. Your work is fabulous! Please keep it up, you are extremely talented. I agree with the other posters, word just needs to get out. It can be hard to break through all the noise online and get noticed. I have the same problem as an author.

2 Coop   (02-12-2016 00:44) [Entry]
Hey, keep up the good work. Your models are amazing. The word just needs to get out to other artists.

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