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About Fan Art

After Seeing a note in the shout-box that someone is looking for non-fan Art Stuff , I thought to explain
the Situation and my Decision on why all the Products in here are marked as Fan Art.

I thought allot about of what we are doing when we use Poser or DS and how Renders mostly
turn out. It is very Difficult now day's to create something that might not be Derived from
something that already exists it is the main reason why all is actually Fan Art.

If I were to take a Picture of New York well it is Fan Art , if I buy something from
any Store and make a Render , It is Fan Art , as the Creator only will give the rights
to make a Render and Keep the owner rights.

If I use a wallpaper as background for my Render I make Fan Art , All results at the end
that someone might find a detail in your Work in your render that already has been made
of some sort.

When the movie Oblivion Appeared and I first saw that Bubble Ship in that movie
I noticed that some other artists already made Renders Drawings of such type Spaceships.
actually simple as it is just a Small Helicopter with another type of engine then the Propeller.
So it is also Derived work.

I could write a Book about this theme , but at the end no matter what you use it will be
Derived , the Render is yours , your Idea , your Creation, as there will be no comparison
with another Painting.

This is why I will always mark any future creation as Fan Art at Freedom no matter What it will be
because no matter of what I will do , someone might aper and say " Jules Verne already made this Rocket
or Submarine".

So almost any Outfit on the Market for a V4 for a Genesis is derivative as it contains the Bornes from the
Original Figure and might be a outfit that already exists.

If Someone like mentioned in the Shout-box Really wants absolute Non-Fan-Art he will have to Pay the Price
and normally these are really high numbers you have to pay and not even then he could claim him self as original Inventor  , 
So if someone really wants hes own exclusive stuff  and say I Made it , he has to Paint on Paper or start making
hes own Creations from scratch without using anything that someone else might of  Done before. 
Poser/ DS would not really be the right Application to use for such a Purpose.

You are free to Comment your thoughts
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3 aqua1955   (13-01-2018 19:59) [Entry]
I have seen a lot of art made from movies and still think it is strange where great movie firms have their copyright on them designed figures from scratch.
Although I tried, nothing has real become from my hand, but the posers I made are feeling as mine, where I picked up pictures from internet in the past to my poems, that did not feel as mine.

2 Summoner   (11-01-2017 23:04) [Entry]
Actually you need a 5% in the Us of Difference on any Probable Derived Project Model or
Tenable Product , I Prefer to say to any of my models that they are Fan art.

assuming you would use it in a Project a game a Book , well you have hundreds of users that
used the same thing , one day you will say hey I got the rights on my game Book
but what about all the others.
I always Say anything that is sold on Markets that are Digital Grafic or shared to
many , will never be a Unique Product even if you would get from the Artist a Reseller license.
as already to many have user rights and the artist would have to give a list of those to the
one who wants Unique Rights.

so well I would say yes The ship collection is to compare like the STMC Collections
found at

I actually don't Play Games or watch tv I'm more a Farmer then a Grafic Proffesionall LOL
so I google allot of Ideas Get what I can
that might help to make Exclusive poser Stuff. Sure they might be unique but they might not be
to many humans to many Ideas. But for sure a Question that might have to be asked to any Poser DS Creator.

At the end it will depend on what you wish to do , were you wanna do it .
Industrials can be a Bitch as soon as you have Success with anything you make even if it were a Screw.

1 anthsco   (11-01-2017 22:22) [Entry]
Does this apply also to the ship collection released prior to this announcement?

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