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Giovanna "Gia" di Bardi (1425-1500) wife of Lorenzo di Bardi was married against her will, but as an extremely devout Christian, took it as a sign from God that this is what He had planned for her. She devoted her life to relieving the poor and dispossessed. She is remembered not only for her charitable work, but also for her support of the arts. Over time she did come to love her husband who loved her dearly. She gave birth to three sons and two daughters, of which one son and one daughter took Holy Orders. She passed away four days after her 75th birthday and was entombed in the di Bardi family crypt.

Rendered Poser 11 Pro. Postwork in Photoshop CC.
Charcter is by me named Gia for V4.

N.B. Giovanna is a completely fictional character for a story I am working on.
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A real Hell-o-ween!
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Image I created for my website

Arhain Monk. Born from darkness one who walks in shadows never speaking only watching.
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just don't wander away from the forest - there are some nasty monsters out there in the world

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Born with magick flowing through his entire being and unknown parents, as well as an unknown land. One day he suddenly appeared at the Temple of the Magi and seeing he had great magick running through his being, he was welcomed by Tolnoth, Master of the Order of Magi. He advanced very quickly through each stage of the order showing mastery of the magick arts. Upon the death of his mentor Tolnoth, he was declared Master of their ancient order, the youngest mage to ever hold the honour. As Master of the Order of Magi he became the third member of the Order of Protecters along with Beldoran the Witch and Belgrath the Seer. It is their duty to watch over Tolrath.

With the sudden appearance of Dagda the Black, Raistlyn has been chosen to lead an expedition to find the Orb of Morda before Dagda's minio ... Read more »
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Beldoran the Witch, Belgrath the Seer and Raistlyn the Mage have gathered together to discuss the the rise of Dagda and what it means to Tolrath. Beldoran has also discovered that Dolroth the Lich Lord and Gura the Vile have joined forces with Dagda. Beldoran has asked Belgrath to use his gift of sight to find what Dagda is planning. Belgrath informs them that Dagda is looking for the Orb of Morda, a great jewel that grants the bearer unspeakable power. She has instructed Raistlyn to gather the best fighters that he knows to assist him in his quest to find the Orb, for if it falls into the hands of Dagda she will undo the world as they know it.

"It cannot fall into Dagda's hands Raistlyn!"
"I know just the warriors for this quest, Beldoran."
Belgrath looks in silence then speaks ... Read more »
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