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Summoner's Planet Killer Missile ( Fan Art For Poser DS )

Available to users only

Summoner's PlanetKillerMissile
Fan Art Simple Model not really good for Closeups
but great for Space Renders.
PlanetKillerMissile Comes as a Static Figure and Static Prop.
and is Proportionally adapted to the other ships of the Fleet.
This is the sixteenth of 24 Planed Fleet Ships of the second Series

There is a preset of 4% to fit in your Scene and still it is
verry Large, actually one of the Largest Models of the Series!
to keep Proportions with other Space Fleet Ships you will have
to scale each Spacecraft Loaded down to the same Percentage
for your Scene.
The props are twice the size of the Figures it means that
if you combine Props and figures, the percentage of figures
need to be 2 times larger to fit the Proportions between the
two Formats.

Ship Nr.16 Second Series of the Free Collection, to end up
with a whole Fleet.
So Stay tuned for more Free Poser DS Fleet Ships

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio
Category: Free ( Need Code ) | Added by: Summoner (31-07-2016)
Views: 506 | Comments: 9
Total comments: 9
9 rsand543   (07-07-2017 19:25)
Summoner, thanks very much for your generosity!

8 Phoenixdrache   (24-12-2016 17:58)
Thank you very much! smile

7 echoarty   (28-08-2016 09:12)
Thanks biggrin

6 Vrr   (16-08-2016 02:31)

3 jmper   (01-08-2016 16:50)
That you so much! Not that I want to poo-poo on a freebie (and a nice one at that) but did you notice the polygons are warped at the front causing a weird stretching?

4 Summoner   (01-08-2016 19:38)
Jup Noticed today also there are some polygons in the back that got Inverted
somehow the Mesh blasted when I worked on it either on Light wave or in Poser
when I spawn'd the mesh after assigning the texture region. 
I'll have to work over that mesh as soon as I get a moment .
Sometimes things just go wacko when saving.


5 jmper   (02-08-2016 04:56)
No problem! biggrin
I love all the great items you are introducing. No rush or anything since you have given out sooooooooo much already. I just wanted to point it out if you didn't notice it. wink

2 Thorneldrich   (01-08-2016 06:13)
Very Nice!

1 3ternity   (31-07-2016 21:11)
Thank you cool biggrin

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