Was finally able to calm down the mom with allot of patience

Good luck with the puppies, I'm sure they're cute.
It was such a heavy day and I am really busted ....
it comes also that the father is a husky wolf Hybrid and not obvious that she could of been covered from him but still happen .. guess it was a really bad Idea ... well now I am going to pass many sleepless Nights feeding the 7 puppies that survived the disaster
Today my Dog just brought 10 Puppies to life with quiet some unexpected Problems ....
2 died and I had to help her on all of them to get em clean and out , my female had such a hard time that she refuses to take care of them and killed one already shok cry cry
she is a great dog so glad that she is doing well it was just to much for her ....
That Blind-Guard's going to be perfect for my Kim Possible/Hentai High comic arch!
Said to my self today if I would get some support then I'd release the model I'm working at as limited time freebie guess it just happen in time before release ....

crazy crazy

so the incoming Blind guard will be free for a while thanks to those who gave support ....

lol lol lol
I thing that lizard's on meds, maybe it's been absorbing some of that medical wasted they dump in oceans based on those eyes (I misread the title as Silly Esku :P)
But for sure did not forget about these LOL.

last week was awful!! a wonder that I could of done some models with the mess these meds causing in my head ... so until Wednesday I got to take these then if all is good I'm done with em and I can clear my head again


Always working slowly on them as I do different project at once so I swap from one to an other.

I stopped counting on how many figures I started and that I should finish up ... worst is that there getting more and more.

Yay, another Gothic ship! Whatever happened to the second mech you were making when you started the Steam-Reaper?
guess I was finally able to get this dragon done, sure took me longer then usual as I'm still recovering , but doing already better. if all turns out well I should be off the meds next wensday " I hope " these make really tired...

KageRyu, Thorneldrich,

thank you for the caring words friends wizard
after the big checkup all seems to be good so just a little infection that I have to take care of
I hope you feel better. I have had a similar experience with antibiotics years ago. Rest up, get well.
So sorry to hear you're feeling bad & having a bad reaction to the meds. BTDT more then a few times over the years. Here's hoping you recover quickly! friends yes
feeling already a little better tonight after a terrible reaction I had on the meds I got for my infection " Boy I quiet got a mental disorder from these " but now should recover fast . Have to realize how fast it can go that you catch up something baad that throws you into bed for a while !
after the last great Dragon Astral Dragon , I'm working once again on a new one .. ok I know there is not a great request for them but still I just love them and just can't have enough of them! the more details the better they are and for sure the one I'm working at will have a load of it .
Made quiet a few of them guess as the millenium Dragon never really convinced me , so these will sure not be the last ones
just having a really bad time, somehow messed up my stomach and had to go to the doc today sad
guess I am just finding out how a woman feels when getting a baby ... what a pain ... now my doc just put me under a load of antibioticas and that feels like being hit by a truck ...
just hope it is going to pass quickly ....

but now that rock creature is in the Store , the Law Mech jumped on he's place

Uhh that might not be a great idea newrus lol

you might want to bookmark the Free Poser/DS section then you see all what is free
oh now i see it, I Always go straight to the freeposer (needs code) and skip the free section.

I guess you were in the wrong section and could not see it ...

Rock-TempleGuard is here

kamion, they are two totally different Items , the Rock-TempleGuard is still listed in the freebies, but the Rock-Soldier never was listed in the free items

Could it be that ROCK-SOLDIER is a modified edition of ROCK TEMPLEGUARD?
That item disappeared within a day from the FREE items
Using again the section
Free ( Limited Time )
this section also requires the freebie Password I stoped a while to Place the limited time freebies in this section as I had complaints that they need a Password

but I think it is better this way so you know that these are not going to remain free Permanently
yahoo yahoo

Doone !!! thought I would never finish up this Decarabia Project, after quiet some hassles I made it and it sure is a stunning Impressive Figure

Sure will be a huge project the Decarabia Alpha will have about 190 bodyparts so for sure allot to Rig
finally trying to finish the second Decarabia Mutation that I started a looong time ago !! it will be a Decarabia Alpha ... time Flying by as I had it started in February 2018 well guess that I finally will finish it up this week.the alpha
is way more complex then the Mutation a really bad ass Creature
it was an extremely hard week ... I am sure busted today just finished treating the land the guests we have on rent also left and we did the cleanup for the next to come .. summer is always a crazy time !! so tonight Ill just hang out on the couch and will try to watch a movie without falling asleep

Begmysweet, guess it is possible to make the godzilla will take a closer look at it smile
I really hope to see the 2019 Godzilla up here I would be estatic. but Im happy to wait to make my plan to purchase Cyber-drago come payday.
just passing allot of time in the fields and I guess that allot of you also enjoy the summer start and cooling down in a Pool
blink biggrin

so getting a little slowed down on 3D creations for a little while
Thanks, I don't think you intended the Ucorn to be ridden but I loaded it in and thought "That kind of looks like a saddle." biggrin
Does not matter even if it is in the shout-box LOL

btw ... your render looks great

I hadn't realized the IMAGE was going to show up in the gossip feed as she is topless, the thread at Renderosity she was posted in is here: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2935258&page_number=3#msg4355919
So someone at Renderosity dished Aiko Toon as useless so I made a render of her with Summoner's Antimateria Rifle, Steam Reamer and Steam Ucorn just because.
I have always LOVED that art style (a lot of your figures have a similar look) your new steam bots have given me a really good idea for a story to use them on.
just had to look at these comics they look cool .. style like "Druna"
Got that Steam Pet done ... what a hassle , sometimes things seam easy and turn out to be complicated huh

but after 3 times rebuilding the rigging it turned out well ,
Hydraulics in 3D can be a real pain
This new steam series has kind of an Alfonso Azpiri vibe.
In fact Calibretto is pretty much dead on to how I envision that armor I had mentioned originally.
If you make a whole series of steam/mech golems I'll buy them all. Still hoping you make one that looks like BattleChasers Calibretto....
Steam-Reaper has been bought. biggrin
ok the first of these steam creatures is out ... booy need some fresh air now

crazy lol

came out great .. way better then I expected. actually had em started off but was lazy to get these hydraulics working as they are a hassle to create.

well so now that I started I might as well continue that series

Hi Manekin smile
so what is it what you wish to ask ?
Keleth Luminos
Later will check for an Armor without hydraulic abdomen and more like a Outfit

LOL ....
will start with the first one, then he will need a Pet ! if all turns out well I'll make the second one.

right now working on the Hierarchy and naturally because it is a steam model some green glowing

will try to keep it as low as possible it will ensure to load em multiple

sure gonna be a highlight for those steam freaks.