Ok I was able to reduce the size a little had to give it a new shot , 500 meg ++ Obj was a little to much so I got it down to 125 without any loss of details. It takes a minute to load in Poser but it does at lest

Ohh man trying to get a Destroyer done but it is just so huge that smaller parts take almost an hour to import into Poser .. guess I made it a little to large. but the details would blow you away. Hollywood movie Quality

nyam lol

wonder how long it will take to load the last and larges part

Doom Unit kind of reminds me of some of those old Revel Robotech Defenders kits. I loved the looks of some of those like Aqualo.
Having a Doom Unit on the go , a mecha Jet Hybrid. I was blocked doing it as I never figured out how to get the built in Hydraulics working as it is very complex. but I finally got it figured out . It has a multi affected Hydraulics and elastics, also the legs are mounted on Hydraulics , so a really crazy project to make it work the right way
Working on a


Limited time Freebie , it just passed the DS tests. Looking pretty good and will be just equipped with a simple wheel rotating and staring. If all works right it should be released by tonight


Sure would love to have one of these in real
Finishing up a

High Tech Vehicle

That I thought I would never be able to get it done due a very high detail and complex movements that have to work Interactive. Also made some tests in DS if it works well and see there .. absolutely Stunning

wizard yahoo
Finally I pushed my self to finish the Large version of
"House-Of-Gods" I mean it is quiet huge . I had to get a good Balance with the details to avoid a overload crash. Today I almost tossed it as I had a polygon explosion that forced me to start all over.

Now I am about to finish it up and hope I did not spend all this time for nothing

Very nice work. I like statues a lot smile and was looking at FRM Your recent product Space Center. I like it very much, it looks like expansion for Arena I am using a lot lately. I like combination of fantasy and maybe some newer techonology... Also need to complete those guild weapons, they are really nice. Just my thoughts smile

Ohh I love Stargate !! Watched all seasons 3 times love
Although I will admit that most of knowledge of Egyptian mythology was learned through Stargate and the television series.
They also had Predators that seeded Aliens to hunt for sport so I wouldn't swear by the historical accuracy of their Mayan and Egyptian culture info....
As I recall that movie, they indicated that Mayan and Egyptian cultures both were linked to the older Yaut'ja sites and derived bits of the architecture and language from the species.

Yea Aliens Vs Predator the egg victim chamber ... That would be a cool room

but these were mayas I think .. ok they also had pyramids

crazy nyam
The Egyptians were quite proud and protective of their egg hatching technologies.

huuh just had to check if I have a miss spelling
blink lol

guess he is laying as I plan to post also a standing one
Does Anubis Laying come with eggs?
An idea I thought might be interesting would be like the steam punk only fungus punk. Instead of steam/glowing you have machines/mech that have been completely infested consumed and now controlled by fungus with little mushrooms etc popping out. Greta Thunberg would approve.
Great! A few of the steam style models in more of a khornish red that match up with the war-cruiser and hellblade would be nice.
GhengisFarb, Ohh there sure are going to be some more of these Steam Reapers coming out LOL . I like them Steam Punk allot. At the time alot of people were looking for these Fantasy steam and dragon stuff today ... well almost none, I am still trying to figure out what people are really looking for , that is a big mystery

And since it sounds like you can the whole arms does that mean the second Steam Reaper's still coming?
Any chance of getting some minions for Aquara?
Actually can change the whole Arm's , Shoulder part is simple as it is a ball articulation and not hooked on the body mesh. Same with the elbow part.
Could you get rid or hide the elbows or give it cannons or flails in place to make the figure more usable? It's your creation doesn't necessary have to have arms or elbows.
SteamPunk-Drago is also a neat one for this series , just that he's a little huge can get tricky to fit these into the render
Jup there are quiet a few that could be done to make a great series , the second Steam Reaper I totally messed up somehow had a issue with to large Elbows that was causing the figure not to move correctly, so in future better make these arms not to massive
Between Obscuras, Steam Reaper and Steam Ucorn you've got a nice little series going. biggrin
Obscuras is really great looking. Wouldn't mind seeing some of your steam mech style figures.
KageRyu, I had a few started that are really crazy, Like tentas coming out of a belly that can open and multiple tenta tongues . These models give a whole lot of work , tentas are easy to make but rigging these is a disaster. If you have allot of these the model can get quiet heavy as they need a high subdivision to bend smooth

Tentacled creatures are fun though yes
I would also love a creature something like a Garthim or Mirelurk :hint:hint:
Just working on a Model with over 250 articulations Squid based creature . If I would of known how much work that one is causing I would of just placed it aside


this might be if you have a screen that automatically adapts to the light LOL. but the promos are the same

I was certain that when the Nexus Alien was posted the other day the textures were all more uniform and darker in the promos. Am I just losing my mind?
Happy New Year Summoner & to everyone else as well! wizard
Anf to you as well. I wonder if they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, would corrective shoes be needed?
wishing you all a happy new year ....

you just keep on pushing out those beautiful models. =)
Sweet! friends
Droideka Is almost ready for release .. an outstanding piece of art ... tok me also a while to get the ball shield to look realistic . now going to start making the Promo Images for it

So basically the way they put it would mean that they think they are owners of Marvel, Star wars, DC, etc. and if a member is making Fan artwork they are Criminals thief's and Pirates that deserve a ban ... this attitude would kill more then half of there Communities and they should make sure that any member that have a accounts on DA ShareCG should get banned as these sites have all fan art to

but naturally while removing my account also removed the threads I made . but basically I got the first Ban for Criticizing L'Homme 4 Day's and the other one is just because Glitteraty and Oki made such an escalation that they would of lost there Face If I were still there , the rest are just Intrigues and excuses to justifie the act. In any way Fan Art is not in there concerns or would they Ban every member that do Fan art.
Fan art does not even contain things from them
Inkipolony, Jup they removed a few threads it was the one for L'homme from glitterati with the arguments that L'homme is looking totally wrong the other one was The coin has tow sides were they debated that little witch hunt , escalating with there thoughts ininto a Drama as they thought I was banned , it was just for 4 day's and probably were shocked when I got back. so I guess that Oki and glitterati insisted to get me out or rendo to keep there Image
There's a whole thread gone missing - one of Glitterbug's. I think, with all the arguments about your rigging othr people's stuff - no proof given, mind you, just accusations. Some others may have gone too. Affendite and Glitterbug have gone quiet for the moment it seems, having got their way.

Well they had far better times in the past for sure also when Rdna was still alive . I used to buy allot of things there and most was just to support the artists I did not even unpack the stuff lol
I kind of dropped out after 3dc folded. Got tired of "Bimbo art" and the whole soft xxxx thing. Rendo just help to push me,
My conclusion is that spending any time at Rendo is a big waist of time there are better Places to go to . my self I feel comfortable in here and since I removed Rendo from my History I have more time for my Models Poser 11.1 and below do just what they have to do and will for allot longer so no need for any Rendo version. the only thing they will be doing is integrate there store into it and make a publicity popup bomb out of Poser nothing else
I also noticed that every creator that is not selling at there Store is treated like a Pirate and a Criminal , Really starting to believe that the cause of DS Poser separation came from there side as there way of making business is a real mystery ...
Most make a big Bla Bla but if you look at it there is none of them being realy able to get some neat Poser stuff out, it is a Pity how there stuff look like for Poser at the moment . you better off getting your self a PS4 then to go and shop at rendo .