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Summoner's Lift-Room ( Fan Art For Poser/DS )

Summoner's Lift-Room
A simple but still with details Dark Environment that comes
As Props and Figures each of these setups fully Preloaded.
The Lift Figure has a Dial to move the Lift up and Down
Preloaded with all interior Props.
To get a good Render you will need to adjust your Camera Angle
as rooms art Tight. There is also a Lit Version for Poser that
Loads the Scene with a Light Preset.
I am sure you will find some good use for this simple Dark
Room in your Art.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio

Category: Free ( Public ) | Added by: Summoner (24-06-2017)
Views: 459 | Comments: 11
Total comments: 11
11 Kathryn   (04-08-2017 02:18)
Very nice and renders  very well.  As always, thank you for your generosity.

10 wilfred   (29-07-2017 15:59)
Very nice! Thank you so much... smile

5 mhutchison   (19-07-2017 19:21)
May I as if the free models including the public and the ones needing codes, may they be used in commercial renders?

6 Summoner   (20-07-2017 07:15)
For me actually it does not matter on how you plan to use  the models you are getting 
from here , you just have to be aware that they are Fan art models so to use em in
games would not really be recommended smile 

But actually for me you can feel free to do anything you wish with these.
I think that if you spend hours on your art to get a end result no matter what it is 
that you should get the credit for it .

7 mhutchison   (20-07-2017 19:59)
I totally understand where you are coming from and would not mind at all giving you credit for your models in my work. Some of the piece in your freebie section I assumed were original works from yourself because I HAD NEVER SEEN THEM ANYWHERE ELSE. I was unaware that the lift was a fanart creation from something else whether it was a game or comic or etc. I knew that some of your models were from comics and or movies but not all. But thank you for letting me know. As I know I will not be able to use them in commercial renderings. BUT I STILL LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

8 Summoner   (20-07-2017 21:26)
LOL well some are mine some are remakes , actually most are remakes so I just mark it all as fan art to avoid any 
confusions , it is also due that almost all has been invented and done so if you put some mikey ears on a doll or a star on a outfit
it already could be that someone claims rights on it , but Art can be like a Collage so as far as I am aware if your art
no matter what it is has a difference of 5% from a original all is fine and you can use it commercially adding your own 
creativity in a Product should be already enough smile
If not we would end up that not even a Collage would be allowed to do  and  to be artist could be already a crime .
so I would say if you find something you like that could be helpful for your Projects go ahead and do it not letting your
self restrict to much as the final will be your idea and your work.

and ohh thank you for the compliments smile glad you like the work

9 mhutchison   (20-07-2017 21:49)
Haha! Awesome. Is evil cauldron your own creation cause i am really liking that and I am very seriously thinking of buying small cathedral

4 rsand543   (02-07-2017 16:53)
Many thanks.

3 maggijoubert58   (25-06-2017 18:45)
Thank you smile

2 Dotteke   (24-06-2017 14:25)
Wow...this looks sò impressive!!!

1 Bodo   (24-06-2017 13:24)
Coooool !!!!!! biggrin

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