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Summoner's Chest-Burster ( Fan Art For Poser )

Summoner's Chest-Burster
Soon Halloween is standing in front of our Doors so just in
Time to get this Little Creature for your Creepy Artworks!
All Free for the Holiday's Full Standalone Wm Poser Figure
Easy-Pose on Neck and on Tail !
I added some Material Samplers in the folder that you can Try
to make it even more Creepy.
The second of it's kind for the incoming 2017 Halloween for
you to get.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 2014 +++
Not Supported in Daz Studio

Available to users only

I Have Added a Daz Studio Supported Version as it sort of was
Requested so click to download this version just below
Category: Free ( Public ) | Added by: Summoner (04-10-2017)
Views: 576 | Comments: 6
Total comments: 6
1 ProtocolZero   (27-04-2018 06:46)
Has anyone reported anything odd about this model when used in DAZ Studio 4.10 Pro? The model looks as if a randomly pixelated transparency map has been applied to it, and you can see right through it in some of the larger gaps. The gaps are not mirrored along any axis, either: they're just scattered everywhere across the surface of the model. The pattern is persistent, too, meaning that it does not change when applying new materials or shader types (Iray Uber Shader, 3Delight default, AoA Subsurface Shader, etc.). However, when I loaded the OBJ in Blender, it looks fine -- no holes anywhere. I've never experienced this before, and have no idea how to eliminate it. On the other hand, the rigging seems to work fine. Thanks...

2 Summoner   (27-04-2018 09:00)
Actually it is a Poser only Model , in one hand you will have some pretty bad bending effects as DS does not support
this type of Rigging. The Issue you encounter with the Texturing can be caused due the one applied in Poser to get 
this Slimy Effect. I guess this is not supported in DS and is not recognized causing that you are not able to eliminate
the Slime tree in DS it self. 
To eliminate this Issue you should load the Chest buster into Poser , remove the Textures There, and just apply the 
Diffuse Map on it saving it as new CR2 but this will not Addapt the rigging to be used in DS

3 ProtocolZero   (27-04-2018 16:30)
Most times, a model that is supposed to be Poser-only works just fine in DS, but this is apparently not one of them -- it happens. It's not a big deal. I don't own a copy of Poser anymore (I just can't work with that user interface), but I did find that if you import just the OBJ in DS (just as I did in Blender), it shows up just fine without the pixelated transparency issues, so yeah -- whatever is causing it has to be related to the Poser material settings. I'm not terribly proficient with DS's Shader Mixer or Shader Builder, but this gives me something to work with and to learn from, so I'm happy. It's still a cool model, and thank you for sharing it.

4 Summoner   (28-04-2018 00:01)
I Have made a supported DS Version for you this way you will be able to use it 
the version will not have any Easy Pose but will bend just like the Original in Poser without
that the tail end rips appart. Also the Textures will work just fine in DS.
I made the texturing Basic so if you want to have that slimy effect you have to figure it out
your self as my knowledge is just basic in DS.

you will see below the Poser download link the download link for the DS Version

5 manekiNeko   (28-04-2018 01:25)
thanks for making it DS compatible! when i used the poser version last time it was a bit of a disaster XD

6 ProtocolZero   (28-04-2018 02:26)
Thank you. I'll try that out this evening.

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