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Stargate Final ( Full-ended )
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Stargate Final INFO :

After Reconsidering I decided to Make the Stargate even better then the
First Version.
The mesh is completely reworked Material zones added to set the lights
Individually on the Chevrons and additional section that are to be textured individually.
the Material zones are named so that it is easy to understand what does belong
where. additional activation Light ring , you can use any of the Light materials to
light it up. Polygon mistakes have all been eliminated.
there are New morphs , chevrons can be moved individually Like before and
dial can be dialed , in addition there are activation morphs on the back of the Gate.
The new Iris has been made as authentic as I could you will also find an opening
and closing Morph. Morphs for the Main Stargate mesh are situated in the main Body
of the mesh so don't look further it is where you have full control.

In addition you will find 2 conforming Figures : A alternative Dial and a alternative
Horizon. These can be conformed to the Stargate just like your doll outfits.
the alternative Dial is more Precise and gives a different look to the gate.
the alternative Horizon also a conforming Figure is like Water and works in a
similar way as a Layer in Photo-shop. It has allot of water-effect Morphs that you
can play with , an activation simulation and a wormhole simulation.
Naturally when you have conformed the figures to the gate the dials are found in
their own main Body's.

I added allot of texture options for the Horizon and the additional Dialer
that you find in the Materials , also for Poser 2014 that can read Materials in
the Pose folder you find a copy of these just apply the material to the appropriate
part when poser asks you , it should not be a big Magic.
all Colored templates are added to the Package for your own Texturing
with text Info on the bottom to know what belongs where .

I played 2 weeks now with that mesh to get it the way you will have it now
and it is a masterpiece even that the Textures are Basic as I am not the greatest
In Colors they render fast and neat .
It sure would be appreciated to see Some people make even better texture sets
for this Package .
Well I Hope you will have allot of fun Playing with it

By Summoner


Actually I was undecided whether to put this Product
into a store or not , as it is Unique for Poser.
but most cant afford them selves a quality mesh
also so that you can see what really can be achieved
if working with care and passion on a Product .
so I made my decision to Place it as freebie for all to 
Play with 

Category: Free ( Public ) | Added by: Summoner (22-11-2013)
Views: 854 | Comments: 7
Total comments: 7
7 Eganko   (07-01-2018 19:21)
thank you so very much! Awesome!

6 Kathryn   (04-08-2017 02:10)
Thank you, I'll have to give it a try to see what I can come up with.

5 Evangeline   (02-01-2017 20:11)
Thanks so much biggrin

4 Phoenixdrache   (24-12-2016 20:19)
Thank you very much for sharing! smile

3 Becarra   (02-09-2016 13:47)
Utterly fantastic!

2 leejiahi   (26-08-2016 19:37)
never see stargate so well done

1 Scotsprincess   (24-07-2016 20:26)
Beautiful work. Thank you very much. smile

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