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Still a long way to go

Status on the 10.10.2016
There is still a long way to go , Freedom has got many new users and this is very Positive.
There are not many Sales up to now, I was hoping to reach a certain amount due tonight
as the site host had a 60% sale, getting for the Price of 2 Years 5 Years, it would of been
really nice , so may be next time if they have a sale , I am saving on it.

Actually I am just trying to cover the Costs with the Sales, the better I am able to Sell
the more Free stuff I am able to Place. At the moment I still cover most out of my own Pocket
and I hope that it will change one day.

Most Store products have an average of one Sale with some exceptions like the Book of magic
that reached about 8 sales some never got sold. I am trying to figure out What Products
are Requested most , so I try to make creations in a wide range for different tastes.

Freedom has now 375 Members but a very low Activity, not in visiting the site But
not many conversations, For a creator it is also important to communicate this Increases
the Motivation , you have all the Possibilities to share your renders, make Threads in the
Forums so use it , and as time goes by I can extend the Forum departments.
it also gives you the opportunity to get to know each other , and make new Friends.

I will start a new Forum section with Product advertisements instead of Placing it
into the shoutbox this might make it more Interesting. I am trying to get it all under one
Hat as all takes allot of time. Making the Models Poser ready , Packing and Posting
and managing a Whole site like this one.

Thank you for Reading
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Total comments: 10
10 aqua1955   (27-01-2018 15:02)
Very beautiful. The depth inside is marvellous as colours go with it

8 Namtar   (13-10-2017 23:10)
Hi there!, i'm new here, but i love the models and the freebies are the best i ever seen in a poser website. 

I would love more dragons, (specially Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones inspired by), and fantasy locations like Helm's Deep or something like that. 


9 Summoner   (13-10-2017 23:28)
nice to hear that you like the things that I can offer and Thanking you for the kind words.
Well I try to keep a little the things for all the different tastes as I'm alone running it all .
I Also like Dragons and these Gothic kind of things allot and do what I can smile 
but to be honest most of the time there Dust Catchers as somehow there are not that many
that take these LOL , I alway's thought that there would be a Huge interest but well.

So I normally do these because I like em allot my self , there sure are Plans to do some more of them.
My Favorite one was the Keltic Dragon with the wings that go into the Tail that one is outstanding .

6 AURELYUS   (22-09-2017 17:48)
I would like to post my renders here but I can't understand how to do that !

7 Summoner   (22-09-2017 18:02)
Here is a little tutorial TXT that might be helpful
when you post a Gallery item you will have the choice to use Html BB code or the 
Visual editor  it is just a matter of trying .
you can use any Image host for your Render  then just use that link to make it visible
Important is that the Link ends with .Jpg or .png this way the board knows it is an image


4 Gojira2006   (21-03-2017 01:46)
Beautiful . . . ! biggrin

5 Summoner   (21-03-2017 22:44)
thank you  smile

3 Llynara   (26-01-2017 16:09)
I just stumbled across your site. Found it through Share CG. Your work is fabulous! Please keep it up, you are extremely talented. I agree with the other posters, word just needs to get out. It can be hard to break through all the noise online and get noticed. I have the same problem as an author.

2 Coop   (01-12-2016 23:44)
Hey, keep up the good work. Your models are amazing. The word just needs to get out to other artists.

1 merrygranny   (12-10-2016 04:13)
I shall start posting my renders here, I just never thought of doing it before until I read your announcement.

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