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Summoner's Lab-Chair ( Fan Art For Poser/DS )

Summoner's Lab-Chair
A High detailed Figure, Fully articulated with cuffs that can
be open, Wheels that turn and, and ...
This Chair gives a little Frankenstein touch and for sure will
fit Perfectly to your Laboratory Horror Artworks.
A Perfect little ad-don for the incoming Halloween and your
Terrifying Projects.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 7 +++
Supported in Daz Studio
Ds Users might have to adjust the Material settings
to get a good result

Read Me

To get this Stunning Fan Art Donate 6.50$
Your Donation will Support Freedom and the Artist

Category: Store Products | Added by: Summoner (11-09-2018)
Views: 95 | Comments: 8
Total comments: 8
8 knyghtmarev3   (16-09-2018 13:54)
Thats the rolling gurny from Arkham Asylum isn't it? NICE!

7 KageRyu   (14-09-2018 04:17)
Great lab table. Useful for keeping test subjects restrained (which is very important as my assistant "Lefty" found out).  I would like to second the vote for the electrocution add-on. That would be truly splenderific.

5 Thorneldrich   (12-09-2018 17:50)
Cool design! tyvm Summoner! victory

3 suasi678   (12-09-2018 12:28)
What a fun little toy!   I like that it's on wheels and that it's completely rigged.   Here's an idea for an add-on.  An 'Electrocution set' consisting of a head piece (crown), neck collar, and clamps for arm and legs.  An electrical control panel would be wired to all collars and clamps and a heavy duty power cable would end in a wall plug or master power switch.  Give it that same grungy look and you've got a winner!

4 Summoner   (12-09-2018 12:43)
guess I would have to combine the 

Wheel Chair

with this Item to get a even more horrifying effect  lol

1 Petege   (12-09-2018 06:19)
Thank you very much! Great lab chair. Two material zones for the seat where handy, but I can create a metal map to switch the shader parameters.

2 Summoner   (12-09-2018 10:07)
Jup such models could have hundred of material zones, considering the construction.
alone the Wheel Parts could carry 16. I often think about it but it also could make it 
complicated to ones who rather like it simple. so I think if one really wants to have specific
zones he can add them with the grouping tool with ease. actually it is just to mark a Polygon
then hit the "+" in a new group then assign it as material.
Also a good training to get to know the Possibilities as these groupings come in handy in
many things one wants to do esecially when it also comes to creating own morphs.

6 Petege   (13-09-2018 05:47)
Thank you. What I mean is only 1 zone more for the seat is enough for the non metal parts. Maybe 1 extra zone for the none metal parts of the framel. I created a black and white image to control the shader for the seat and 1 for the frame. I can use these images also in Daz Studio.

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