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The Bathhouse
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2 Summoner   (02-07-2017 19:40)
Now one with nymphs taking a bath   tongue  wink

1 Summoner   (02-07-2017 19:39)
Ohhh Soo cool also great that you got shadows of the doll on the floor
this makes it great and visible that it is not just a background used
Great work Merry


Also I have to say it is a pretty difficult Interior as for to get the right light and shadows
that sure needs some training and a good eye for every detail

3 merrygranny   (02-07-2017 20:23)
Yes the lighting was hard using this big background. If I got lights that made the background look good then the doll did't look good & if I got lights that made the doll look good then there would be problems with the background lights. This wasn't exactly what I wanted but was the best lighting. I have been working on the lights for three days, this does not render very fast so it took time. wink I had one lighting that I liked very well but it put a shadow of the doll on the back of the bathhouse which didn't look real because there is supposed to be to much distance from the doll to the back of the bathhouse for there to e a shadow.

4 Summoner   (02-07-2017 21:32)
LOL ...
Well that is a good training to get used to Lights .
You can use the Lights that load with the Figure and set these balls up reducing the shadow on each to .5
and then important it is to add a Environment light or use the one that loads , Important is to add shadow to the
environment light else you will lose details . To make test renders use the Mat file that removes the Reflection on
the Floor that will speed up the render.
If you use a doll like in your scene Make a test render separately from the Environment hide the environment
using some spots and ball lights on the doll keep the distance of the lights so that it does not affect to much the
surroundings then Make the Environment back visible with its lights

sometimes it is also nice to make a fade effect for the background and front more clear this gives you a main actor in the image
not every angle needs to be lighten up smile

but still you doing a really good jop

ohh and one more thing sometimes you get better resuls to set the standard light correction from 2.2
to .8 or less in your render settings

5 merrygranny   (03-07-2017 01:02)
Thank you, I will CCP your suggestions & keep them so I can read whenever I need to.

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