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Forum » Discussion Forums » ---->> Chit Chat What Is In Your Mind <<---- » Content piracy
Content piracy
suasi678Date: Monday, 01-04-2019, 13:06 | Message # 1
Group: Young Dragon
Messages: 13
Status: Offline
I watch the file sharing sites and have yet to see anything from here being shared.   Is it because your customers understand the work involved in your creations, and are mature enough to understand that you deserve to be compensated for your craft?
I'm raising this point because I'm working on the first of what I hope to be a line of art-deco torture devices.   I've looked at all the other brokers and none of them do a thing about piracy.  There is one main pirate site and it would be so easy to keep stuff off of it.  At one time, Renderotica was fast with takedowns and as a result, their stuff never appeared on the sharing sites.

Does this place have a policy of issuing takedown notices?  If so, I'll be selling here.

SummonerDate: Monday, 01-04-2019, 21:46 | Message # 2
Group: Dragon Master
Messages: 154
Status: Offline
Actually I do not have any Policy here also do not make any rules , If one wishes to sell some things hes go in here 
he just gets an account where he can place the Products, then it is like hes own little Sore . you create your own Button
and if you sell it goes directly on your Pay Pal account . so not even I would have any access to your Products.
you handle your own customers and if you want to add any licenses to your Products it is up to you smile

As for stuff getting shared a few might be out there but really not many and sure is nice to see that these
are not being shared in masses LOL. 
Well Renderotica sure gets Pirated just like Rendo or Daz , my thought is that it is up to the Artist to find a way
that it does not get out of control. Pirating does not really affect the Sales one gets as with all the dreams People have
with these models they could never really afford it all ( for allot it ends up to be a fortune ) sometimes just for a pair
of virtual Shoes.
So allot that do use Poser or DS have already the issues to turn the Dime twice they do not have allot but this
Art gives them allot , some happy little moments .... 

Now this naturally generates a conflict between two Parties and this was the point where I added the text in my
Read Me 

* I am aware that some will share my Creations and nothing about that, well as long      
* as you just have them as Dust Catcher in your runtime! Most just collect and never         
* Really use the stuff!

Also I realized that the fear of being Pirated makes it worse , the more you fear the more likely it will Happen.

Forum » Discussion Forums » ---->> Chit Chat What Is In Your Mind <<---- » Content piracy
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