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The CherryTree_Pagoda

The CherryTree Pagoda:
This is an extension for the CherryTree Garden in a way.
it is not to place into the Garden it self , but represents the inner
Castle. I had to subdivide the environment in quiet some Props
to make it work right , as it is a closed environment we all know
that sometimes outer walls can come in our way for the Camera
focus distance, so if a wall house or anything comes in your way
mark it and hide it , this way you will get the best results.
the water pound is reflective mirroring , I tried my best to get a good
solution for the water effects. You can make corrections in the colors
of the material if you wish to have another effect .
by changing the node darker the stronger the mirroring will be.
again it is a light Prop one sided , supposed for only the inside
of the Castle. the outer house can be moved for you to have
it on a good distance , so can the cherry Tree and Bonsai be placed
on another section of your environment.

By Summoner

Category: Free ( Need Code ) | Added by: Summoner (23-01-2014)
Views: 770 | Comments: 2
Total comments: 2
2 Dazzer   (19-05-2017 20:10)
Thank you! biggrin

1 Phoenixdrache   (24-12-2016 19:45)
Wonderful Building, I need to make a Runtime just with your stuff! biggrin Thank you very much!

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