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Summoner's Hippogryph

Summoner's Hippogryph
An Amazing Fantasy Creature made specially for Poser
Fully Weight Mapped to get a wide range of Bending
and Pose adjustments. Wings have Easy Pose for faster
You also get 3 different material settings and Mix
Match options, Promo Poses are Included.
There are two types of Materials one for fast simple
rendering and a type that takes a little longer
offering great Results.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 2014 +++
Not Supported in Daz Studio

Read Me

To get this Stunning Fan Art Donate 14.50$
Your Donation will Support Freedom and the Artist

148 3 5.0

Added 06-10-2017 Summoner

Total comments: 3
1 Spydraxis   (25-12-2017 20:38)
Okay seriously, how many of these are gonna get me sued when I try to use them in a professional piece? IE How many of these are video-game rips?

2 Summoner   (25-12-2017 23:03)
They are remakes and not that it is not said , so actually it depends what you use it for
and also where your location is , depending on countries there is a difference in usage.
in some countries it is allowed to make Batman comics in others not !
it is why I have them under Fan Art .
Ok I do it also even if it is an own design as most has been Invented anyway
if you make a mouse 3d and your ears have to much resemblance with Mikey well then ...

So Seriously .. Art is always a Walking on a edge no matter what you will do
you have to estimate what you can use and on how much your location will allow.
as far as I know in the US it is enough to have a difference of 5% then it is ok.

else even a collage would be a reason to be sued ! so you just need a Part of it
as own creativity

Imagine what would happen with DA if fan Art would be that bad smile

Meshes are High resolution not just a Low mesh, and thank you for the Cheer Up
wishing you also a Merry Christmas

3 Summoner   (25-12-2017 23:50)
Still I am pretty surprised about your Comment after realizing that you are a Passionated Fan Art Creator
At Daz 3D
so actually you should know what Fan art is as you use it in your Artworks with not many worries to get sued!
Guess you are on a Continental location where it is allowed to use Fan Art so you should not wory much using
the Figures I made to use in Fan Art Artworks smile

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