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Summoner's Decarabia-Mutation


Summoner's Decarabia-Mutation
You Think Aliens is scary ? Then you don't know Decarabia !
A Fully Weight Mapped Poser Figure in high Standard with a
Very Complex Bone Structure to ensure bending and movements
you would never expect ( Not for Poser Beginners ).
Realistic Skin texturing giving you balanced results of Painting
and Photorealism. A High detailed Model, Ugly like no other
but still fascinating. Due the complex Structure Iks might be
Limited but Possible in combination with turning on the Limits.
Included are Normal and realistic Mat settings as well the Promo
Pose for a startup.

!! Poser Fan Art !!
Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 2014 +++
Not Supported in Daz Studio

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To get this Stunning Fan Art Donate 17.50$
Your Donation will Support Freedom and the Artist

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Added 06-01-2018 Summoner

Total comments: 5
4 junsubum   (14-06-2018 11:00)
Are you planning to upgrade this product to be available in Daz Studio?
I can not use it because most of the products I want to buy are not supported.
In fact, I thought I could use the product I bought last time.

5 Summoner   (14-06-2018 13:22)
Hi Junsubum,
I would have to check this figure if I also could make it compatible 
actually I did send you a Download link for the Celestial-Witch that
should work in DS in DS Format but not sure if you seen the mail
as I never got a Reply from you sad

1 knyghtmarev3   (07-01-2018 21:53)
Holy Shit!!! That thing is hideously awesome! Is the stomach or morph target or is that rigged to open?

2 Summoner   (07-01-2018 22:20)
The Stomach is actually a two layer system there was no morphing possible 
so actually two Individual Stomach that belong to the mesh ( Not attached )
there are Mat settings that swap between the two versions, one gets hidden the other shows

3 knyghtmarev3   (08-01-2018 13:38)
Ah! Geometry swapping! Haven't seen that trick employed since Michael 2!

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